don’t know just what to do with myself…


My better judgment is telling me not to run this morning, which in the present situation of not belonging to a gym or yoga studio, not having a bike or a bowflex means making up for it by doing floor exercises in my living room.

Laying in bed this morning, I stretched out my right leg only to feel this horribly excruciating, searing pain in my calf that lasted about 10 seconds. Kind of like a charlie horse — I think. Although I don’t really remember the last time I had a charlie horse.

At any rate, I don’t think this is the kind of pain you “run through.”

Luckily, there were breakfast things in the house.

Here’s the plan:

120 crunches
200 leg lifts
25 PBs (what the hell happened to Kloe anyway??)
150 pushups (just kidding, like 20, probs)
like 300 calf raises

And, any ideas for shin splint exercises? Aside from the obvious? Thanks.

I was reading back through old posts this morning – incidentally, I created a new category called Stupid F***cking Injuries to document each time and I gripe and moan about some pain I have – and I found this post — in which I gripe and moan about how I’m I’m in pain because I increased my mileage too drastically without doing the proper strength work.

Gah! And now I’ve done it again. How come I never learn? Isn’t a blog supposed to be a good way of tracking your progress and making sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes twice? Maybe this time I’ll learn: you can’t run 30 miles a week without doing strength training.

I am such a reTARD.

8 thoughts on “don’t know just what to do with myself…

  1. Lack of strength training was definitely something I was bad for. I think that’s why I’ve hooked on to the shred like i have- it’s the most work my arms and abs have seen in…. well, ever!

    I hope the leg is back to par soon!

    Love that sunflower seed butter. But that comes as no surprise…

  2. Yeah, strength training. totally lack there too. Probably why my entire right leg just wants to up and go on vacation away from the rest of my body.

  3. I’m having shin issues, too. So I went back and read your last post. That said, I do strength building exercises a lot and my shins still hurt like hell. Although, come to think of it, it’s only my right shin, which is attached to the foot where I had plantar fasciatis. I guess this proves injuries really never leave.

    • between me, you and Kelly not one of us has a right leg that likes us!

      There were some great articles in this month’s Runners World about feet problems and also about strength training to help prevent injuries.

      My feet pretty much always hurt because I have terrible bunions but the shin/calf issues are brand spanking new.

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