[insert clever blog title here]

Yeah, I just didn’t bring my “A” game today.

First thing I did: (because I like to get these things out of the way early) I’m making a PB&J on waffles and I drop and shatter my entire brand new jar of almond butter all over the floor of the break room in my office. FML.

At least the waffle got buttered before I dropped the jar…

I didn’t make it into the bloggy world last night — came home from work and made the noodle-tastic creation you see before you. I found it by way of Miss Burp & Slurp, who I am fast falling in love with for her insightful witty blogs and fantastic recipes and photos…

I didn’t have that chile crunch oil so I just used my Sriracha chile garlic sauce and some peanut oil…

Walnuts toasting:

Noodle rapture:

It was reeeeeeally good. Spicy – I drank two glasses of water during the course of the meal – but, wow.

…And then Mr. CTT and I just sat on the couch all night. We’ve been watching Season 2 of Big Love — if you haven’t seen it, it’s a trashy series on HBO that I for some reason can’t get enough of. Because bizarre fundamentalist Bill Paxton and his harem of sister wives makes for just riveting television. I’m telling you.

We turned in at like, 9 p.m. (Still didn’t keep me from feeling like it was the middle of the night when I had to get up this morning. Damn you, DST!)

I had a craving for Arby’s today at lunch but I was like, “eh, that’s not healthy. I better not.” So what do I do? I go to Mid Day Deli and order a roast beef on sourdough with provolone and an herb cream cheese sauce. ‘Cause I’m high-brow about my low-brow foods.

Yeah, it’s really hard being so disciplined.

And speaking of discipline, I think I’m actually going to go the GYM today. OMFGSRSLYWTF?

We canceled my membership but we’re still paying through mid-Aprilish, and since I get a case of the dead-legs every time I try to run, I have to do something to work my flab.

At least until Jillian moves in with me.



5 thoughts on “[insert clever blog title here]

  1. I LOL-ed at the last picture! Omg. Scary Jillian! But she sure kicks butt!

    And YAAAAAAAAYY!! Someone FINALLY made one of my dishes! Do you realize how excited and happy this makes me?! Omg, I could kiss you! Aaah! See, I make all these fabulous dishes (in my humble opinion), but nobody ever tries it because it’s too “complicated” and “crazy”…and that makes me sad. haha! But you did it! YAAAAAAAYY!!!

    I’m waving to you in the roof now because I just shot through it with glee! 😀

    • *looks up at roof*

      Well it was GREAT! I love your blog. I actually made another variation of it last night with broccoli and tempeh. I like to try a couple of crazy complicated recipes a week. How else do you learn how to be a good cook? 🙂

  2. That Jillian pic was hilarious!! Totally cracked me up! We could all use a Jillian sometimes.

    And the deli? Looks delicious. Now I gotta have some…

  3. Hahaha, oh Jillian. I want her to move in with me as well, I need someone to kick my butt. That deli sandwich looks delicious. Much better than the lame turkey sandwich awaiting me at lunch time.

  4. Some blog title suggestions:

    “The guest bedroom is down the hall & to the right, Jillian”
    “What side is your waffle buttered on?”
    “Prepare for the noodle rapture”

    And that sandwich does look absolutely delicious!

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