pain makes you beautiful

Day 2 of working out at the gym: NOW I remember why I loathe it.

Does your gym play horrible music? I mean, like, nauseatingly, despicably, mind-wrenchingly horrible music?

I think I’m pretty tolerant of other people’s tastes (no I’m not). I listen to just about anything, from latin jazz to death metal to motown. I have even been known to bust a move to a little Justin Timberlake when the mood strikes, or geek out about bad 90s pop tunes (I’m talking to you, Janet).

I’m not unique; I certainly don’t expect everyone to have the same appreciation for Circus of Dead Squirrels as I do, but this stuff in the gym cannot by any sane person’s standard be considered music.

I would say it’s techno/pop but that would be doing an injustice to both techno and pop. It’s the kind of rubbish where they take a song, stick a techno beat behind it, and voila: crap. I actually heard the techno remix versions of Riders on the Storm and Edge of Seventeen. It made me die a little inside.

Why didn’t I just crank my iPod and quit bitching? Well, I tried that. But unfortunately I could still clearly hear it over my own music. I went to the front desk and politely asked the sullen 14-year-old glued to her Facebook profile if she could turn down the music. She Looked at me and turned it down about .00001 of a decibel.

For a while, I was so annoyed and grossed out, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else. I looked around at the other people in the gym, wondering if anyone was struggling as much as I was. I probably had this pained look on my face that people mistook for physical discomfort; it had nothing to do with exercise. I was “working out” in a general sense, but my chi or my mojo or whatever you wanna call it, was toxic.

I finally found a happy place on the bike and was able to shift my focus away from the blare and work up an impressive sweat.

And now, I’m feeling pretty swell actually. I’m cleaning the house and having a beer and a snack. =)

I bought a(nother) jar of guindilla peppers at TJs and man, I have just been eating those guys like popcorn. They’re kind of like sport peppers, but skinnier.

And…new beer! The Mr. and I watched the “bockumentary” American Beer last night and I came out of it with loads of new beers I want to try.

This is Adam.

Damn iiiit.

It’s not his fault. These things happen. I stuck this poor soul in the freezer for a few minutes to chill him up while I was vacuuming; I take full responsibility.

However, what I did drink did not disappoint me. It’s thick. It looks like a stout but it’s actually an “hearty old world ale.” 10% ABV and 50 IBUs. Mine is from Batch 75 — no year; it’s supposed to age well.

Side note: I kind of hate buying beers that get better with age, because I just know I’m not going to be able to wait long enough.

All right. I’m off to finish vacuuming and eat another guindilla pepper. Y’all be good to each other.


(blog title reference: Judybats, Pain Makes You Beautiful. 1993)


17 thoughts on “pain makes you beautiful

  1. Oh, you need to get the headphones I use. They block out the awful gym music and ex boyfriends voices perfectly. They are sony ear buds and were like $20.

  2. I’ve found that drinking a beer, or multiple, before a workout is great at ensuring that I in fact do not want to workout.

  3. I hate the gym but last time I belonged there was a power struggle for the music. There was the GnR Patience-Ace Frehley-Metallica camp v. the Alabama-Willie Nelson camp. It got ugly sometimes.

    We don’t get Hair of the Dog beers here, but I’ve heard terrific things about that brewery. That beer looks and sounds great. And it is so awesome that you didn’t clean up your mess and just published that picture. So funny!

    Talk to you later.

  4. I used to thrive on bad 80’s and 90’s pop. THRIVE.

    I probably still would break it out on a more regular basis if my ipod didn’t crash. And then my computer shortly after… so I lost all my music and have been too lazy to build it up to the glory it once was…

    • OMG you lost all your music?? I would DIE.We’ve been meaning to get a backup hard drive but just always forget whenever when we’re out. There’s like, 8 days worth of music on our computer! But I crashed my HD once too and lost about 1000 songs — learned not to mess with .exe files, hahaha!

      • Yeah- it was tragic. I had a pity party for myself for like a week on that one. Luckily, I have maybe a 1/4 of it on cds (remember when those things were still cool? ha ha). So that helps.

        I’ve considered a backup drive as well. You’d think I would have already bought one given my experience. Blah!

  5. Haha, I know what you mean about that kind of music. It’s so bad that no matter how hard you try not to hear it – it’s all you hear.

    That beer sounds great!

  6. My gym is kind enough to keep their sucky music down low so that the iPodders can hear their own music.

    I finally bought some of that almond butter you recommended too. Can’t wait to try it!

  7. Fortunately, at my gym, the upstairs plays really sucky music LOUD. Downstairs, they don’t play anything. I’m really not sure why, but it’s much more pleasant for throwing on the headphones and zoning out. I still may have to buy some of those Sony ear buds, though.

  8. I just stumbled onto your blog and it’s hilarious! I love your writing style. πŸ˜‰ As for the gym–I loathe my gym as well and only go there when it’s raining too hard to play outside. I absolutely LOVE seeing the barbie dolls in their perfect makeup/perfect hair/playing with their phones instead of actually working out. It makes my day. πŸ˜‰

    • *Curties* Thanks for reading! I like your blog too. Congrats on your outstanding weight loss achievement. I really admire your hard work.

      I finally quit the gym and started doing yoga and tapes at home. It’s a better fit for my lifestyle as a person who hates people. LOL.

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