taco win, workout fail

I celebrated my workout today (laying on a yoga mat for 10 minutes) by making some epic tacos– wahoo!

Yeah. I did about 60 crunches and 25 pushups. Pretty weak. But, I’m just not feelin’ it today. My legs and butt are still sore from that killer bike ride yesterday. (Incidentally, so is my brain, from that not-killer music at the gym!)

I started out with a recipe for baja tofu tacos with cilantro slaw but the end result was nowhere near that.

a) we’re all out of tofu
b) we’re all out of cilantro

So I made the mix for the slaw with diced jalapenos, cumin, sugar, oil and lime:


Then I mixed some nonfat Greek yogurt with a little mayo and added some TJs broccoli slaw, poured the mixture on top and stirred it all together:

Ugly! The sun was glaring through the back door I couldn’t get a good shot from anywhere. (But since the sun was actually shining, I couldn’t complain.)

Then I grilled up a couple of morningstar patties:

…threw in some TJs roasted red and yellow peppers:

put some cheese on top and, voila: weird tacos!

They were so good.

I have just recently discovered the phenomenon of putting slaw on tacos, and I can’t get enough of it. I kept purposely putting my spoon back into the slaw bowl as I was cooking so I could lick it off again.

And I’m gonna sign off because I have nothing insightful or witty to say today, and pathetically, it’s almost my bedtime.




One thought on “taco win, workout fail

  1. Haha not going to lie they do look weird, but I believe you if you say they are delish. And hey laying on a yoga mat is better than no workout at all right?

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