I have issues

SO. I decided to do a wacky 5 mile trail run tomorrow morning in Holliday Park. Am I ready? Who cares? I’m DYING to run. If I don’t make it, I can always do the free tot trot! Heh.

I tried a new recipe tonight I found in this month’s RW. Thought it’d be a good fuelly dish for the run tomorrow:

Also, is it just me or is Rocco rockin’ the bedroom eyes? He’s pweddy.

I wish I could say the same for his recipe. It was good — but not great. I felt like it was missing something. (Oh yeah, like heavy cream and BUTTER! j/k.) It’s a great idea but it just fell flat for me.

Side note: I used TJs basil garlic linguine and that was awesome.
Side side note: Linguine, fettucine; same difference.

I also picked out a new wine from TJs:

In my Cousin Eddy voice: “it was gooooood!”

The first sip really socked the insides of my cheeks! Tart at first but then finished smooth. Something more subtle underneath, like chocolate maybe? I don’t know; I’m so bad at describing the beers/wines that I try.

When somebody else says, “oh wow, this really has hints of caramel,” I’m like, “I’ll be damned; it sure does!” But I can rarely pinpoint the flavor myself. I can taste; I just can’t describe. Which is weird for a writer, right?

No matter…whatever it was, it made my face smile. I really wanted to finish the bottle but I cut myself off after one glass in the interest of not sucking tomorrow.

And, before I turn in, here’s one more issue I’m having. I want to get a new ipod because mine is the OLD OLD 4GB mini (that’s not even considered “mini” anymore) and it pretty much poops out on me every time I try to use it for more than 20 minutes (which, as we’ve discussed, is not conducive to working out at my gym.)

I won an ipod shuffle last year in a raffle that I gave it to the Mr. and he loves it. It has plenty of storage to get him through a good dozen or so gym visits before he needs to change the songs around. I thought I’d just get myself one of those when I saw they came out with a new generation of shuffle. It looked awesome – it has controls on the headphones to allow more functionality – but then I started reading the reviews on Amazon

They are nuts! Almost every single person who reviewed gave it a big fat F. Basically 160 people repeated the same thing: the headphone controls are right next to your face; when you sweat, it gets all over the controls and makes the thing short out.

I will give a product the benefit of the doubt if it has mostly positive reviews. Just because there are a few bad reviews doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a bad product. Plus, you can just tell when one person is being spiteful because they hate their life, versus someone who has a valid complaint. But apparently 160 people on Amazon all agree: the new ipod shuffle sucks!

So, I guess I’m not buying one…but the OLD shuffle costs twice as much now. The new one is $60 and the old one is $100 — Apple fail!

So if I’m going to pay $100 anyway, I might as well just spring for the nano, yes?

I hate technology.


5 thoughts on “I have issues

  1. Oh I had the iProblem you describe. I was fortunate enough to find a refurbished replacement for my 2nd Gen Shuffle online in the Apple Store for $39bucks. I have my old shuffle and Apple said they can replace any product if you bring into the Genius Bar. Good luck with that. The shuffle is the best designed sports mp3 player. Too bad they messed it up by improving it.

  2. I had one of the classic ipods (right before they came out with video and 129355GB on it). I’ve been holding out for one of the new “classics” (they’re just so damn expensive!), but honestly, I think the ipod nano isn’t that far short of space than my old one- so I’ll probably be going that route…

    I’d lose a shuffle so fast, it wouldn’t even be funny.

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