the baddest patty melt ever

But first, thee milk stout.

Look at the beer:

And now look at a cup of coffee (recycled photo from breakfast 3 weeks ago):

You almost can’t tell the difference.

This bad boy tasted like so much milk and coffee I didn’t even know what to do. I’ve only just recently started having an admiration for stout beers; they’re sooo heavy and thick, you really can’t have more than one. But maybe that’s what I like– just a little bit does the trick! The Moloko is definitely one of the better ones I’ve ever had…and who doesn’t love A Clockwork Orange, ryyyight?

And next, here’s how I’ve redefined the whole concept of the patty melt:

Maybe not. But they tasted pretty damn good. I used the morningstar basil/tomato patties with sauteed onions, jalapenos and red and yellow peppers, hummus, sriracha sauce and topped it off with a tad of mozzarella cheese.

It was awwwwesome.

And now, even as my bracket falls apart, I’m headed back to the couch to watch more basketball. I was rockin’ the first round, but that was before Kansas, BYU and New Mexico all bit the big one. Thanks a lot, guys!


8 thoughts on “the baddest patty melt ever

  1. Ummm patty melt looks amazing, I usually have all of those things on hand so will have to give it a try!

    This is such a good march madness, I can’t wait til thursday. I threw my bracket out since it was just all wrong!

    • It’s a little joint in Munster, IN. If you ever go to Chicago, that’d probably be your best chance to get over there — its about 30 mins from I-94; I’ve never actually been there (but “they tell me it’s nice…” 🙂 )

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