beer dinner recap…and a date with Jillian

Prepare to be jealous…the Mr. and I had one helluva dinner and beer tasting last night at Pat’s. Patrick has hosted a lot of wine dinners, but this one was the first beer dinner, to my knowledge. First one I’ve been to anyway. =)

There were six courses and two beers to taste with each one.

Let me just preface this by saying I’m not lucky enough to eat like this all the time. And even if I was, I couldn’t possibly run all of it off!

Okay, here it is.

Pear dumplings with brie…

…paired with Barley Island Flat Top Wheat and Oaken Barrell Alabaster White.

Steak Rumaki (water chestnut and filet wrapped in bacon with sugar stout glaze)…

…beers were Sun King Ring of Dingle Irish Dry Stout, Oaken Barrel Indiana Amber and a bonus Three Floyds Dreeeeadnaaaaught:

Pat’s famous slow-smoked ribs…

…with Three Floyds Pride and Joy and Sun King Cream Dream II: Electric Boogaloo.

And the main course: pork loin roulade AND chicken florentine with honey-pesto roasted potatoes and zucchini pomodoro…

Bloomington Brewing: Double-Hopped and B-Town Brown

Dirty Helen Brown Ale and Mishawaka Hophead IPA:

And…dessert…pictures don’t even do this justice. Caramel chomeur (butter cake soaked in caramel) with Three Floyds Robert the Bruce and Bluegrass Bourbon Stout. Swoon, people.

I probably just made YOU gain 2 pounds. HA!

The hubby usually lets me snap one picture of him before he says, “stop taking pictures of me.” Here it is:

Ohhhhh. Looking at this is making me full all over again! But it was so worth it.

My favorite: It’s a six-way tie between the bacon-wrapped filet, the honey-pesto potatoes, the Mishawaka IPA, the bourbon stout, that awesome, unholy dessert, and Pat’s famous ribs. Those bad boys are dangerous. The meat just falls right off the bone and the sauce is like nothing I’ve ever had in my life (nothing legal, that is).

I paid for it today with a 4 mile crappy road run and then 30 minutes on a yoga mat with Jillian (courtesy of Yoga Meltdown). My lord! You people have talked about the Jillian DVDs and I guess I just didn’t believe you, but when I finished Level 1 I was sweating like a pig and shaking like a tweaker. It was a better workout than the run!

But if I don’t look like Jillian in a few weeks I’m filing a lawsuit.


6 thoughts on “beer dinner recap…and a date with Jillian

  1. Jealousy is not even the right word. I had to go to Google to pick out the right word and Covetous Green-Eyed Envious Monster is apparently the phrase I was looking for!

    Food looked awesome and the beer even moreso. I’ve never had any of them and only heard of half. Hmmmm.

    I guess it’s time to tell the wife what we’re doing for vacation this year!

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  3. You know that your balance is perfect. A mix of exercise, good food and even some beer…and you can stay healthy and physically fit. Everything in moderation can lead to a very healthy and happy life…with minimal hangovers.

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