do not bother reading this

I should not be typing right now because I did actual non-girly pushups tonight and my arms feel like noodles. But I feel this obsessive urge to blog every. single. day whether I have something interesting to say or not.

This might be one of the not days.

Let’s start with my not interesting breakfast. Not pictured: Naan with almond butter and jelly. Black coffee.

I did not do anything interesting for lunch either. I went to the grocery store to buy cat food and then I picked through the organics section until I found the noodle bowl with the least amount of calories (170).

It did not satisfy my hunger and 20 minutes later, I did not have anything else to munch on so I drank some office coffee. It was not very good.

I did not get to run today because I got stuck at work until almost 7 p.m.

I resisted the urge to go to Pat’s for a Dreadnaught.

Instead I came home and got into my yoga digs for another episode with Jillian. I did not master the side plank. Again.

And, I still have not eaten dinner so I’m headed into the kitchen to see what kinds of tasty and interesting foods are not in my refrigerator.

I urge all of you to have a wonderful evening…


5 thoughts on “do not bother reading this

  1. Love it… ha.

    I think my favorite posts are when there’s not just one topic of discussion, but about ten not so interesting things strung together in one random instance…

    That could be because of my yet to be diagnosed adult a.d.d….. just a guess.

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