a legendary wine review

I just want to give a shout out tonight to anyone who likes to drink wine and listen to heavy metal when it’s raining outside.

Just me?

Okay then.

I’m stepping down off my beer pedestal and getting up on the wine one tonight to talk about Fire Steed Pinot. This pretty bottle has been sitting in the kitchen for a few weeks now and he felt like he was being neglected.

It is a very dynamic pinot noir; so many things were happening when it was in my mouth that I felt the need to look it up online and read about it because I’m just not that good at nailing those subtle, clever, complex little flavors of wines (or beers, for that matter).

Here’s what the firesteed guys themselves had to say about it:

Vibrant cherry and sweet spice aromas jump out of the glass and the taste of the first round of summer raspberries and strawberries push the burst of fruit straight through to the surprisingly long finish. Grapes for this wine, as in previous years, were sourced from throughout the Willamette, Umpqua, Rogue and Walla Walla Valleys, creating a truly Oregon blend.

I definitely agree with the spiciness and jumpiness, but, having no clue what first round summer raspberries taste like, I’m gonna have to take their word for it.

Long finish: yes; though, not being so astute as to tell the Oregon from the Washington from the Timbuktu grapes, I can’t say whether it tastes truly Oregonian or not. Again, FS gets the benefit of the doubt.

Don’t you love my reviews? I don’t pretend to be all snobby and knowledgeable; I just drink and try to relay all the tasty bits to you, dear readers.

Last, I encourage you all to listen to the above video and let it roll around in your brain a while and then buy every album He is Legend ever made. I’m serious.


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