multicultural night, take 2

Morning, blogheads.

Several things of note on this frigid March morning.

The first. My coffee maker is on the fritz. I think the line must be clogged because it takes like, an hour for the thing to brew one cup of coffee. I usually use filtered water when I make coffee because we have really hard tap water, but I admit a few times when I’ve been in a hurry I just filled a pitcher at the sink. Anyone know how to clean it out? We soak the shower heads in CLR when they get lime buildup, but somehow I don’t think that would be safe to attempt with a coffee maker. Any tips?

The second. I cooked a fantastic dinner of chicken marsala, angel hair and asparagus last night and then had a couple girlfriends over, hence no Friday blog. But heeeeere:

My buddy Patrick got some free press for CHEF BILL’S famous Chicken Marsala last week. And I got a dinner idea + something to drink while preparing it. Yay for Pat and yay for me.

But I’m of the opinion that Marsala wine is not good for anything other than cooking. EW. It was really, really sweet. But the sweetness cooks off so the chicken tasted wonderful.

This is a great dish because it doesn’t call for a lot of complicated ingredients. I had almost everything in the house already:

Chicken Marsala

* 2 4 oz. chicken breasts
* 1/4 cup flour mixed with 1/2 t salt and 1/4 t pepper
* 3 Tbsp. clarified butter
* 1/2 cup sliced shiitake mushrooms (my husband likes to call them shit-take)
* 2 cup Marsala wine
* pinch of sugar

Herbed Cappellini

* 6 oz cooked angel hair pasta or spaghetti
* 1 tsp. oregano
* 1 tsp. parsley
* 1 Tbsp. olive oil
* Salt and pepper

Lemon-scented Asparagus

* 7 spears pencil-thin asparagus
* 1 tsp. lemon zest
* 4 or 5 red pepper strips
* 2 Tbsp. clarified butter
* salt and pepper

Third. The beer. After dinner, we let the drinking begin…

Three Floyds Black Heart English style IPA:

It’s goood. It’s brewed with all English ingredients and named after a tattoo joint in San Francisco. And, could the bottle art be any cooler? (I don’t think so.)

It’s very hoppy, (70 IBUs) and 8% ABV. It’s aged in toasted oak, so in addition to the fruity, tangy flavors common to IPAs, I also got a hint of a darker, woody, oaky flavor in the back. Finished smooth, with a sophisticated blend of spices and aromas reminiscent of old world London.

Bwahahahaha. I kill me.

Then I shared this one with one of my girlfriends, Rogue Russian Imperial Stout. 11% ABV, 83 IBUs.

It’s a little 7 oz. bottle, which was just the right size. It was really heavy! Very hoppy for a stout. Beer, vodka, whatever: those Russians know what they’re doing. It had some smokey undertones, with coffee, molasses and caramel right up front. A+

Okay…lots of calories to burn and brain cells to nurture. I’m heading to the gym and then maybe getting into some bonus Jillian in the living room.

Happy Sats! Peace –

6 thoughts on “multicultural night, take 2

  1. I believe Amy was being too nice just suggesting Google. Marie, you will certainly appreciate this tool:

    The food definitely looks good and the beer too! I love this line. “Those Russians know what they’re doing.” That had me cracking up all the way to my refrigerator. Anyway, I haven’t had either of those. We do have the Rogue, but I can’t force myself to spend $5 on a 7 oz. beer, and the giant bottle of that beer is way too expensive! I’d prefer to try to shoplift it, but will do neither!

    • hahaha. smartass.

      yeah — I spring for a couple good really good beers every once in a while. Leave it to me to have expensive hobbies –running and craft beer. gah..

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