feelin’ a little saucy

Phew! I had a killer workout this morning. Went to the gym, ran a mile, lifted (legs), did 25 on the elliptical and then came home and did yoga meltdown with Jillian. I was seriously sweating at the end but I’m getting better at the side plank and warrior 3. The chattaronga push-ups made me want to scream. But as you’ll see I had a lot of calories to burn off…

Looking back at what I ate yesterday, you should be able to quickly develop a central theme.

After the gym, the Jillian and the oil change, hubby and I went to Firehouse Subs to scarf some grindage. (Sorry, we watched Son-in-Law the other day and now I’m talking like Pauly Shore; he is still around, by the way.)

They have pretty good sandwiches, but the best part -to me, anyway- is the impressive selection of hot sauces you can choose to accompany your meal.

They’re all ranked 1-10, so I thought I’d be conservative and go with an 8.

There should be a warning label on this: “do not handle your contact lenses with in 48 hours of touching this hot sauce.

It was waaaay too hot for me! I think there was some actual good flavor in there somewhere, but it was lost on me because all I could taste was the burning.

I went back for this one (a 6 of 10) and it was much more agreeable.

Great names too, no?

Then for dinner I made a recipe that I found at Cooking For Assholes; a blog after my own heart.

I used our Frank’s cayenne pepper sauce and Texas seafood seasoning and it turned out fantastic. I threw in some angel hair that I just mixed with some sauteed garlic, EVOO and cayenne.

Pretty great.

Naturally I needed a good beer to wash it down.

This is Double Wide – a double IPA from Boulevard Brewing in Kansas City.

And, I could have sworn I’d had this beer before and even blogged about it, but after scrolling through my archives for the last 10 minutes, I can’t freaking find it and I don’t care anymore.

It’s from Blvd.’s smokestack series, a limited edition that was formerly only sold at the brewery. I couldn’t find an IBU count but the ABV is 8.5%.

It is seriously gooey. Chewy, even. Rolls around in your mouth like caramel at first and then finishes really hoppy and bubbly. I drank about half of it last night and then used my vacuum wine saver to conserve the rest. The vacu-vin doesn’t normally work on beer bottles, but the mouth of this bottle was just wide enough and it actually fit perfectly. Or, I hope it did.

I’m about to find out.


8 thoughts on “feelin’ a little saucy

  1. We have Firehouse Subs here too. Great place and great hot sauce selection. I completely agree!

    Never had that beer before, but it sounds pretty good. I’m about to drink one and all of your workout is making me feel guilty, because, well, uh… I didn’t do any exercise today!

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