a 7-mile shoe ruiner

We went on an impromptu 7 mile trail run in muddy Eagle Creek today and ruined our running shoes. Weeee!

I’m the one with the “wide stance.”

We finished in 63 minutes — definitely some kind of record for me. It rained all weekend and was still disgusting out there at the park today — so fun! I am exhausted but my legs don’t hurt, my feet don’t hurt, my bunions don’t hurt, so I’m labeling today a big fat success.

Things started out kind of blah for me today and I really needed to get out of Dodge, so to speak, and clear my head.

Naturally I forgot my running gear (left my whole bag in the kitchen!) when I left for work. Luckily I had my trail shoes in the trunk and Miss Katie Pants was cool enough to let me borrow some drawers, pair of socks and a sports bra. That is a true friend right there.

I enjoy trail running soooo much more than road runs. It makes me happy and it doesn’t hurt me, so I think after the Indy500 Mini Marathon in May, I might just be done with the whole road thing. There are plenty of trail races around here, from 10ks all the way to psychotic trail marathons (shudder). I think this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Plus, trail running just fits my personality — it’s so much more DIRTY and BRUTAL and ABNORMAL than road running. So, goodbye road, I am breaking up with you!

And hello, tacos….


13 thoughts on “a 7-mile shoe ruiner

  1. Welcome Friend! Choose your trail marathon and I am there. Crazy enough, I am considering the Planet Adventure Winona Lake 50k. Pa Pow!

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