crouching fatass, hidden tofu

Had some Jillian-style (fake) yoga tonight and some Marie-style (authentic) tacos.

I only call it fake because it really just uses some traditional yoga poses as the foundation and then adds repetitions to raise the heart rate. So say, instead of a boat pose, you do boat pose and add 10 toe taps. Then you hold the pose at the end for 15 seconds. Best of both worlds, eh?

I decided to try Level 2 tonight and it was brutal — more advanced moves and balance poses. I had to pause the dvd a few times because it took me so long just to assume the position! I wish I could show you a picture of me doing fake yoga and looking like a big dork in my living room. Alas, you’ll just have to visualize.

The one I couldn’t even fake looked like this. What do even you call that? They made it look so easy. Ridiculous.

The other really tough one was a bridge, which I can do, but then she has you raise one leg off the ground, which I could not do. I got my foot about two inches off the floor and then I fell over. Sexy!

But I love this. I love it! There’s an 1.5 hour yoga orientation every second Saturday at my friend’s studio and I’m really going to do my best to remember to go. It’s amazing what you yoga people can do with your bodies. And I wanna do it too. But not for inner peace or anything. I just wanna look cool. =P

Then I made myself reward tacos with guindilla peppers.

I mixed up some of my own salsa with tomatoes, green chile, diced jalapeno, onion, garlic and cilantro, and then added some light sour cream. I cooked some tofu with more green chile and cayenne and topped it off with the TJs six-bean blend and some goat cheese.

And I needed a little something sweet afterward so I scarfed a little nutella on toast…

Tomorrow’s going to be another nice long, dirty trail run followed by an ice cold brewskay.



8 thoughts on “crouching fatass, hidden tofu

  1. Your Jillian Yoga sounds like my “fitness fusion” yoga that I do, but way better. I think I might have to step it up a bit! And holy crap, I wouldn’t be able to do that bridge pose. At least without my chiropracter on call….

  2. Haha yeah Jillian’s sounds like a more intense version of the Yogalosophy that I have. I wonder if I could still do the bridge move, I used to do gymnastics, hmm I’m seeing some drunk gymnastics in my future.

  3. I’m so happy to have connected with you too! You’re hilarious, and you say what I sometimes think but could never put into such brilliantly witty words.

    I have the yoga meltdown DVD you are referring too…Yes its fake yoga. Totally not traditional. Its also a damn good workout and pretty hard. That “about to do a handstand” move is brutal.

  4. aw, thanks! I have been perfecting the art of sarcasm for over 30 years…

    I know some yoga “purists” out there say she’s bastardizing the practice, but if it’s safe and makes you break a killer sweat, I am all for it! Hope you’re having a great week. 😀

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