Yay and boo for spring.

Had a crappy 7 mile non-trail run today after work up in Kate’s neck of the non-woods. But she lured me with beer and I couldn’t refuse…

Don’t know if it was my head, the heat, or the hard, flat road, but 7 miles today felt like 14 compared to that breezy trail run Tuesday.

We actually stopped halfway at a restroom along the Monon to drink some tepid water from the tap and splash our faces. I will not grace you with a photo, but rest assured our faces were tomato-colored. The rest stop helped, but I still spent the last two miles trying not to barf. Hoooorrrible.

After chugging a few gallons of water, we rewarded ourselves with Bazbeaux pizza and Oberon.

Oberon’s all right. It’s a “session beer,” which is beer geek for “you can drink 12 of them.” Perfect after wrapping up a sweltering 80°F run. And I can eat loads of Bazbeaux. It might just be the best pizza in all of Indiana.

Soooo late. Uninteresting. Tired. See you nerds tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Oberontosaurus

    • yeah, I’m nerdy for a lot more reasons than just that!

      And – that does sound right up my alley. Luckily all my running friends also like beer!

    • Bazbeaux is awwwesome. They’re in Broad Ripple, Carmel and downtown.

      Yeah, so the run sucked but I’m still glad I did it. I’d rather have a crappy run than no run at all! šŸ™‚

  1. I personally think beer is the best recovery beverage after a run. My face is always bright red after a run, I’ve actually had trainers at the gym stop me and ask if i’m ok.

  2. It was like running the badlands. LOL! The Oberon never tasted so good. Oh well, we’ll adjust to the warmer temps and all be good in the world. If not, we’ll have to drink more Oberon.

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