Bell’s and stuffed bells

First off, I did not consciously try to be vegan today, it just happened. (Except for the beer, I think. I read somewhere that some beers have some type of fish oil in them that make them technically not vegan. Not that I care.)

Breakfast: Cinnamon Puffins, coconut milk, strawberry bliss.

Lunch was…interesting. TJs chicken-less vegan stuffed cutlets. I got these because I was looking for a < 500 calorie lunch and saw this while I was picking up some soy chorizo. They tasted good, but the texture was a little rubbery. It was fine for a desk lunch, but I probably won’t get it again.

Then, tonight’s appetizer was sadness in the form of a failed TJs guacamole kit…

Ohhhh NO. The onion and lime (not shown) were just fine. I tried to salvage one of the avocados but it tasted awful.

And let me just qualify that photo by saying that I love love LOVE Trader Joes. I get their guac kits all the time and this has never, ever happened before. Obviously I won’t stop shopping there, but I am going back there to contest this shriveled guacamole kit and -with hope- exchange it for a good one. A lot of people have told me TJs has a great return policy; I guess I’ll be putting it to the test.

Dinner: stuffed bell peppers. I rocked these bad boys. I used quinoa, carrots, jalapenos, green chile, onion, garlic, salsa, shallots, mushrooms and hot sauce and baked them (covered) at 350° for about an hour. I was afraid it wouldn’t be enough food, but neither I nor Mr. Hubby could finish one. They were grrreat!

And, of course, what would Friday night in springtime be without a cold one on the patio?

Oh yeah baby! You can count on a lot more outdoor beer photos from me until say, mid-October.

Bell’s Two Hearted is in my top five. It’s a good anytime beer, but it’s got enough flavor, hops and ABV that I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. It’s got a well-rounded, backyardy, kick-back, floral citrusy flavor and some nice, balanced hoppy bitteriness mixed in with a smooth finish that makes me feel like I could die happy right this minute with no regrets.

And, if you’re wondering, it was completely an accident that I had stuffed bells and Bell’s for dinner. Let’s just call it serendipity.

Have a wonderful evening, friends!

Oh, P.S.

I signed up for the Komen Run today and I have a donation page if you’re so inclined. I’m running the 5k regardless, but if you want to give lots and lots of money to save a boob or two (and maybe even a LIFE!), you can do so right here.

My mama, both of my aunts and my grandma are all funny, smart, strong, beautiful breast cancer survivors so this is a cause near and dear to my heart. I missed the 2009 run because of a sprained ankle but I do make a donation every year, and you should too. Everbody’s little girls and moms and sisters and aunts and memaws will all give you big hugs and kisses for it. ♥


4 thoughts on “Bell’s and stuffed bells

  1. Hey Marie.

    I bet you thought I was in bed. Wrong. Wife is in NY. LOL.

    Bottom to top. My father told me as he drove me to college my freshman year in 1990 that my 33 year old aunt had died the night before. Breast cancer was the initial issue several years before. I’ve watched her two young daughters, my cousins, my Uncle and his new wife continue to deal with that even today. So I admire your efforts. My sister has a similar volunteer page to yours. Let’s get this shit figured out!

    My 7 year old son asked me today after hearing a radio commercial if breast cancer affected a lot of people. The word is spreading, which is again, awesome!

    Now, also importantly, your back yard and view are kick-ass. You could really stand to sit out there even with snow!

    And Bell’s Two Hearted is great, although I will pass on the stuffed bell peppers, unless you are Bobby Flay!

    Good Night!

    • Glad to hear you’re a fellow warrior against breast cancer! 😀 Thank you tons for the RTs and the #FFFs!

      And…yeah, Bobby ain’t got nothin’ on me.

  2. Good job on signing up for the Komen run! My friend organized a team for the walk last October in Chicago- I told her she better make it an annual thing because I’m all about it (my G’ma is a survivor- woot woot!).

    And TJ’s return policy is awesome. I’ve taken a couple things back. They don’t even question it…

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