I was all set to crack open a Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale tonight because I can, and because I am; but I’m just not feeling it. Instead of beer:30, it’s feeling more like bed:30.

I stayed up way too late last night doing a whole lot of nothing. A wise man once said, “the internet will ruin your life.”

I had planned to run early this morning but I slept in ’til around 9:30 and it was raining by the time I got up. I awoke to find Wrigley sitting on the bed, just staring at me intently. Yeah, she’s just a cat but it was still kinda creepsville.

I got up and drank a pot of coffee while doing two sessions of Jillian yoga – level one and level two! Pretty intense, but it’s working. I’ve lost five pounds in the last week and a half or so and I can already feel my core and arms and legs are stronger. I can actually DO a side plank now. Haven’t mastered that stupid crow pose yet, though. Soon!

After it stopped raining I went out and ran a blissful five miles in my neighborhood. On the ROAD, and my legs didn’t hurt at all. No dead legs. No pain. Delightful!

I know the strength work is helping, but I also started lacing my shoes a little differently. I did the trick where you use that last eyelet to thread the lace back through on the same side and then cross them through each other. I don’t know how else to describe that, but it makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? =P I have really narrow heels, so it helps grip the back of my foot. It’s amazing how a silly little thing like the way you lace your shoes can make the difference between a good run and a bad run.

After I showered I headed out to see hubby at the airport (he’s an operations manager; no, we don’t fly for free). He took me out on the airfield and we cruised the GA hangers, drooling all over the rich people jets here for the NCAA tournament.


Couple of Gulf Streams. These babies cost about $50M apiece, so we were careful not to even sneeze near them.

We also saw Ryan Seacrest’s plane, but it was so small I couldn’t get a good photo of it (heh, heh).

If you ask me, this was the best place to be during the Butler game — as far from downtown as possible! For some reason, the number of Butler alumni seems to have tripled in the last week…

Tomorrow is supposed to be lovely; the hubby will be home and we’ve got two big steaks and two big beers waiting for us in the fridge (not to mention brand-spanking new bottles of Zing Zang and Skyy for a killer breakfast bloody mary!). So I’ll be needing my beauty sleep…

And, not to harp on this, but I’m doing the Komen Run in two weeks and we could use your help. Just donate a few bucks and I’ll shut up.

Thanks! Nighty-night!


10 thoughts on “bed:30

  1. Oh, wow, Marie. I know you just posted this but I’ve been doing send/receive all day waiting for you to post. (never mind, it is coincidence.)

    Where do I start?

    1. You have a cat named Wrigley? I bet it knows the Cubs are not near a World Series. Did it tell you that?

    2. That yoga move, the one you showed the other day, where you are balanced on your hands in like a crouched handstand? I am doing that and typing at the same time. LOL. I can do that though. Even drunk, so I’m not sure the benefits.

    3. The wife and I used to go get stuff from a family friend at Teterboro Airport in NJ. This guy was a pilot for the richest guy in Colombia. But the guy lived in NY b/c he didn’t want to be kidnapped. Hahaha. So these pilots would come up and “drive” him around the world. We had to take our shoes off to go in these jets, and Bill Cosby’s jet was next to his! BTW Teterboro was where that dude was supposed to go before he “landed” in the Hudson. Scully?

    4. I used to work for a hotel in Ocean City, NJ and I’d take their Ginormous Caddy to the OC Airport yearly to pick up the guys from the “Small Planes, Rich Dudes Club”. I literally drove the Caddy right out onto the runway while they tied their planes down.

    OK, this is longer than your post. Talk to you tomorrow after you’ve had a beer or two.

    • She didn’t tell me that, but she did tell me the Phillies can eat shit! Bahahaha.

      And, oops! Looks like you’ve used up all your guest post credits this month. Better luck next time! But seriously, how’s Thursday for you to swap blogs with me. Or possibly Friday depending on how the beer tasting goes Thursday night. heh.

      Have a great night Rob –

  2. Small plane for small Seacrest—love it!

    Such a bummer, I was going to be up there this wknd since I went to WVU and my sis lives in Indy and went to Butler. I love Broadripple and love hanging out there but sad I got to miss it. I absolutely love how they have redone the airport though-the last time I flew in, I didnt recognize it!

    • the airport does look great — amazing what a billion dollars’ll get you! hehe. Sorry you missed all the revelry. As much as I gripe, it is a pretty exciting time to be in Indy…who knew?!

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