time to play

Isn’t it a beautiful day???

I did an hour of Jillian yoga and then went out for a quicky 3 mile run before whipping up one of my world famous breakfast bloody marys.

Don’t worry – I ate first.

Mmmm. Nutella waffle, handful of cashews, pot of coffee. No wonder I feel like a champion!

Seriously…I can’t describe to you how awesome it feels to not hurt when I run. It’s a completely new experience. I got so used to my legs and feet hurting, I almost started thinking it was normal. I feel reborn today. (Coincidence????)

Next weekend is the 15k – my last training run before the Indy500 Fest Mini-marathon – and I actually feel like I’ll be ready for it.

Hope everyone’s having a wonderful day – peace!


8 thoughts on “time to play

  1. Love the bloody mary’s….and now I want one…or three.

    Just curious, what have you done in regards to legs and feet? I have a horrible knee but my feet hurt even worse after a run.

    • This probably seems really obvious but I found I was running too much without doing enough strength-work to compensate and it was starting to cause shin splints and other random aches and pains. I also have giant bunions, which doesn’t help. I started doing more strength work and I do a hybrid type of yoga (jillian dvd) several times a week that I think has really helped strengthen the muscles in my core, back, legs, etc., and I feel like it’s really helping. One of my friends also said when she does yoga even just once a week her IT band doesn’t hurt at all when she runs. Obviously the stronger you are, the better your legs are able to carry and balance the load which takes the burden off your shins, knees, feet, etc. But I’m not an expert or anything; I just learning by screwing up! 🙂

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