brain fart

I’ve been a little frazzled the last five hours. It was hot and humid today with a side of ridicu-windy, so I decided to be a pansy and run at the gym. I was about to leave when Kate calls and says, “stop being a pussy and meet me at Eagle Creek!”

How could I say no?

I head out for the park, all the while forgetting that my better (and more responsible) half had a plumber coming over at 6:00 to look at the shower. So right as I’m pulling into the park, hubby calls and asks me if I remember that the plumber’s on his way.

$%*!)$@&$##*!!@$&X?<|[:#$&&#$% #$&!!#%!&$%#(@":X?#*#A$

"Duh, of course I remember, honey!"

I turn around and drive home.

Dude was sitting in the driveway when I got there but he was really, really nice about it and I don't think he had to wait that long. I didn't want to do the 20-minute drive back to the park again so I settled for the gym. For real this time.

Sorry I had to ditch you Kate! I owe you 7 miles and a beer!

So, blah, I ran on the treadmill while listening – against my will – to a delightful set from the likes of Miley and Brit-Brit. (I’m only guessing because I honestly have no clue who sings any of the trash I hear at the gym.)

Absolutely nothing else even remotely interesting went on in my world today. Oh, I did make a great snack at work. I call it “pink ladies with nutella and some almond butter.” It’s like, all the rage in Europe.

Bed and book are sounding preeeetty good right about now.

Is it really only Tuesday?


One thought on “brain fart

  1. I hate having to wait for repair people. Currently waiting for facilities to come make my office livable and not 34038943 degrees below zero.

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