my misfit’s way of life

Guess what song was playing when I got in the car after my run tonight??

Yep. PERFECT! I rocked all the way home.

So, Kate took me back after ditching her yesterday. I got my muddy shoes and my shirt still wet from yesterday (ewwwww) on down to the creek, and with no distractions from spiteful, overzealous plumbers, I had nothing holding me back.

We did about a 10k in just over an hour, so I’m calling it a win. I’m still having good luck with my legs and feet; though I was probably pushing it by running two days in a row. I need a Jillian yoga day of “rest.”

Here’s moi, sipping on a new beer in my muddy shoes — “stay an inch or two out of kicking distance!”

It’s Two Brothers (Chicago) Barley Wine Style Weisse Beer.


Yeah. I didn’t know what to expect, mostly because when I looked at the label, I read “barley wine” and then quit reading.

I still don’t know if I like it. It was definitely hefty. I couldn’t find an ABV on the label (which is weird in itself, right?) Beer Advocate says 10%; BeerPal says 11%, but you wouldn’t know it from the taste — it went down totally smooth.

I was thinking I was going to get a barley wine, so it was a little too weissy for me. Tart and orangy. I didn’t dislike it exactly, it just wasn’t what I felt like drinking tonight. It would actually be a fantastic patio beer on a sunny day.

Tomorrow…we’re picking back up with the beer geeking at Patrick’s Kitchen — doing the full lineup of Dogfish Head!

Giggity giggity!

And, I’ve been talking about swapping blogs for a day with Daily Beer Review, so if that happens tomorrow, you might be reading my DFH review on his site, and you’ll get some entertaining sarcastic commentary from him on here. If not tomorrow though, soon.

Okay — off to paw around in the fridge and see what I can whip up for dinner. Be good.



10 thoughts on “my misfit’s way of life

  1. Marie. You bitch! You copied my beer tonight! Except mine was 2009. How un-coincidental is that for a beer I don’t even get here in my neck of the woods!

    Since you really don’t know me I am just teasing, even though I saved you from a wolf on Twitter just a few days ago!

    Anyway, really, we need to exchange exactly on the same day? That coordination is gonna kill me but whatever. Tomorrow? Email me tonight so I can write my nonsense tomorrow when I’m supposed to be working. Do you even know my email? OK. It’s my website with that yahoo thingy. I know you’re smart.

    • HAHA! Wow, that’s awesome!

      Yeah – nah, it doesn’t have to be the same day at all. Just write anything whenever you want and send it to me. MY email is cheaperthantherapyblog with that yahoo thingy. I may send you my blog late, late tomorrow, so if you have a backup, that would probably be wise.

      I still can’t believe we reviewed the same beer tonight. We win at life.

    • I LOVE rice wine! I’ve always had it served warm, but I hear it is also very good served chilled. What do you prefer?

      As for the orangey flavor, it could be A) they threw some oranges into the vat, or B) I have no clue what I’m talking about! Either choice is equally as likely. 🙂

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