Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

Look what happened to me today!

Kidding, kidding! That’s not mine — but being a bad driver myself, I know how it feels to ruin a whole car. It’s no fun.

Anyhoo…it is very close to bedtime, because there is a little 15k tomorrow that I may or may not be prepared for. Ah, pre-race jitters. As comforting as an old pair of shoes. An old, stinky pair of shoes with no traction and broken laces. And a rock in the toe.

I’m going to do a quick 30 minutes of Jillian yoga to loosen up tonight and then I’m hittin’ the sack. Yoga, more than any training technique, has proven to be my saving grace on the road.

I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. And stress doesn’t really suit me. I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of girl. (I think I’ve said that before; now I’m saying again.)

I see all these people monitoring their distance and pace, uploading their runs and posting their data in status messages on Facebook (which I think is very pretentious, by the way. Almost as pretentious as foursquare.)

And I tried to do that. I kept a spreadsheet and I logged my runs and I said things like, “I’ll do tempos on Wednesday and long runs on Saturdays;” and, “I’ll do 400 x 6 on a real, professional clay track.” And guess what happened? A big, fat nothing!

Except that I hurt my little feeties and toesies and groinies and hammies and just got.burned.out.

Lesson: if I make things too complicated for myself, I am destined for injury, sickness and apathy. I have to let myself enjoy running. Instead of doing 6.25 miles at a pace of 10:02:17, I do sixish in about an hour. And ideally, there’s dirt under my feet, mud in my socks and twigs in my hair. No road. So tomorrow’s going to be a challenge; being structured and all. Ick.

Not, my friends, (all together now!) that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m not putting anyone down for being disciplined. Discipline can be a wonderful thing. It helps to have guidelines to stay focused. But for me, discipline = death. So I’m just gonna eats me some food, drinks me some booze and run as fast (or as slow) as I damn well please. Okay, I’m done.

*steps off soapbox*

Speaking of food and booze…I did have a lovely time “fueling up” today.

No breakfast photo — but lately the routine’s been almond butter and jelly on toast. Essentially, PB&J for breakfast. It goes smashingly with coffee.

Lunch: I got stuck downtown for a while after picking up the race packet. I was trying to track down this little Cuban joint I’ve been wanting to try, but the Circle was a nightmare and I ended up just stopping by Starbucks for a Santa Fe panini. I added some apple mischief and a light babybel. It did the trick.

Dinner was salmon with pesto and a pita pocket with cous-cous, lentils, edamame, sauteed shallots and plenty of jalapeno hot sauce. Half a slice of goat cheese is stuffed in there where you can’t see it.

One glass of wine. New guy: Rootstock Zin, 2007. I liked it. A whopping 14.3% ABV! Spice-ay. Finished smooth. Vanilla, wood, fruit: yep, it’s a wine. It didn’t knock my socks off but it was less than $10 (I think around $7) and didn’t make me hork or give me a headache. A+!!

It looks like you will have a guest post tomorrow from my buddy over at Daily Beer Review. Earlier this week, we actually inadvertently both wrote about the same obscure beer on the same day — the barley wine weisse from Two Brothers. So you know he’s gotta be good people…just hoping he will be kind!

Peace out, pajama-weasels.



4 thoughts on “Where we’re going, we don’t need roads…

  1. Who needs structure? Its overrated. I can’t tell you how many “training plans” I’ve looked at once and then…ditched and just ended up making it up as I went along.

    Then again, I’ve always been told I’m uncoachable. 😉

    Run fast, drink faster. 😀

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