Running For Fun with an Old Heathen

I’m happy to say the 15k was awesome this morning! I didn’t run fast, but I felt good the whole time. It was incredible — nothing hurt! So this is what all those other people feel like who appear to be running so effortlessly. I’d forgotten how great running could be…

Today you get to read a special guest post, appropriately, from a dude who hates to run, but is an all-around cool person in all other regards. If you like beer or just have a penchant for sarcasm, you should definitely check him out…enjoy!

How do I find these sites and people? Something I loathe, running, mixed with something I love, beer. Is this God’s way of punishing me for something? I swear I didn’t mean to break that vase when I was ten!

Running, or more formally, running for no reason or no other apparent goal should be on the top of everyone’s list of things NOT to do. Drinking, smoking, gambling, blogging, and prostitution among many other things (well maybe not prostitution) fall far below “running for fun and/or exercise” (or whatever the rationale is these days).

Now don’t get me wrong. Running because you’re playing raquetball or basketball is completely legitimate. I’d even go as far as to say 100 meter sprints are just fine. Being chased by a criminal or police, depending your situation, or God forbid a bear, A-OK with me.

There is a question here somewhere because I just don’t get running for pleasure. My high school wrestling coach/history teacher used to run to and from school every single day, no matter the rain, sleet, snow or dark of night. This dude ran 50 miles for his 50th birthday! But for me, this guy and marathoners are almost at the top of moron-ville! Royalty, if you will.

Someone please enlighten me! Ah, what the hell! I was gonna skip this part, but while I have the chance, I guess I’ll just mention that some of these rules for running don’t apply in Indiana and 10 or 15 other states because running is the most interesting thing to do! Seriously, I just heard about this 15K you guys are running today. For me, 15K is a sale at the office, not a running distance. Crazy people!

Tonight I really tried to match my love of running with the beer I was drinking and reviewing for one of my favorite blogs (um, duh, you’re here). I asked experts for beer names or suggestions that would have some kind of theme. The best suggestion, Butte Creek Spring Run Organic Pale, came from Rob at Total Wine, but we don’t get that beer here in Florida. I did get a great wine referral, Running With Scissors Cabernet Sauvignon, but that’s wine! (Although that’s what I think all runners should do anyway, just because they are running!)

Finally, I just picked the beer name that best matched my running pals! Old Heathen Imperial Stout brewed by Weyerbacher Brewing Company in Easton, Pennsylvania. I did review it on my own blog over a year ago, but it’s been a while. The label has a strange kinda grim reaper type with his staff dressed in all black, wind blowing, blazing orange lettering. Quite scary!

I have a picture of the beer in a glass. Figure out the appearance yourself, and if you don’t like my photography, I will be happy to have you in my home to give me lessons.

OK, the color is BLACK. Licorice and molasses aroma, slightly sweet. The flavors start out a little differently with more coffee and chocolate. Dark fruit is a little muddled, with just maybe a hint of raisins. There is also a little hoppy character keeping this from being too sweet. Also keeping this from sweet domination is a nice bite and cutting from the 8% alcohol. Licorice and vanilla persist throughout the entire beer. Woody (and not just because Toy Story 2 is on right now) with faint smoke, too. You finish with a burnt coffee flavor left in your mouth.

Drink up!


4 thoughts on “Running For Fun with an Old Heathen

  1. Hee, love this post. The writing is really witty and fun to read!
    I actually do love running for the sake of it, nothing special. It makes me feel good, and it starts the morning off right!
    Not a alcohol fan though…this guest poster will hate me. ;-p

  2. Wait, I’m confused – am I supposed to be trying prostitution or not?

    Seriously, at a meeting on Wednesday with the university police they asked for volunteers for a prostitution sting (long-ish but amusing story, let me know if you want details). “Female volunteers.”

    Me: “Aw, crap, and I was all ready to sign up.”

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