on the path to world domination

Good morning plebeians!

Yeah, so after doing an awesome 15k yesterday and then working in the yard for five hours, I’m heading over to Indy Animal Care & Control to work in someone else’s yard — for free!

It makes me cry whenever I go to ACC but we’re doing a lot of work today to clean up the place, make it look nice and make it as comfortable as possible there for our doggy friends. I’ll gladly give up a Saturday for the good of humanity (or dogmanity rather; humans can suck it!)

How’d you guys like the guest post yesterday? FUN! You should also read the post I wrote about my Dogfish Head tasting incident over at Daily Beer Review.

I’m about to do some Jillian yoga before I head out. I did an episode yesterday after the race and I think it’s what saved my legs today. There are a couple of stiff places but for the most part I’m not sore. I go on and on about yoga but I really think there’s nothing it can’t fix.

Civil unrest? Yoga.
Root canal? Yoga.
Scorching case of herpes? Okay, Valtrex. But two of three’s not bad.

My husband’s buddy is coming in town for a couple days and I think they’ll probably be on a marathon game-watching kick. I heard something about the Bulls, the Blackhawks and the Cubs all playing on the same day, so I’m pretty sure I won’t see him until late tonight. Once I get rid of the boys, this house will be mine, ALL MINE! Bwahahaha…


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