feed my frankenstein

Weird food day take 1.

I had the makings of a fantastic salad that I was going to have for lunch today. I loaded it all up and took it to work, and as I was loading it into the fridge I remembered I had a lunch date with a few friends. Crap-o! So I did what any normal person would do — I had a salad for breakfast.

Don’t you love the vast array of mismatched plates my office provides us? It’s like eating at a different memaw’s house every day!

I got a few weird looks, eating salad at my desk at 8:00 in the morning, but who cares?? It was gooood. I used a morningstar patty, lentils, hummus, spinach, sriracha sauce, broccoli slaw and tomatoes. SO good I’m having another one tomorrow. This time I might wait for lunch.

Me and the gals had lunch at Squealers– glad I did the green thing at breakfast because lunch was a brisket sandwich, chips and ice tea with lemonade. Killerrr!

I had been looking forward to Jillian all day and she didn’t disappoint me. I hurried home (drive was wasp-free today, you’ll be glad to know) and did Level 1 and Level 2. I STILL have not mastered crow pose, however I did get a tiny bit closer today!

I am, however rockin’ the wheel! I’ll be spider-walkin’ down the stairs Regan-style in no time!

Yep. That’s what having long arms and a fat keister looks like. Don’t you wish you were me?!

For dinner I tried something new with tempeh. I’ve seen people make sandwiches with the stuff before so I thought I’d give it a try. While I was working out, I marinated the tempeh in EVOO, hot sauce, a bit of worcestershire, dry mustard, cayenne, sea salt and pepper. Then when I was done and grilled it on my Foreman grill (!), stuck it between two pieces of naan with some hummus and mozzarella and threw it in the toaster oven for a couple minutes. It was…SO good. Oh.mah.gah.

I opened a crappy bottle of chard after dinner and the workout.

Meh. I got it because it was hot and sunny that day and it sounded good, but I’m not a big fan of chards. They just don’t seem very complex to me and they go down way too easy. I’ve heard there are some incredible white wines out there, but I haven’t met one yet. This one was no exception.

Okay — off to shower and read in bed! Goodnight dorks! 🙂

PS – blog title reference, in case you were in a coma in ’92.

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