heavy metal in pink

Evening beefcakes!

It has been a loooong day. I did two things right off the bat that I don’t usually enjoy: got up at the crack of dawn this morning and put on pink stuff…but it was all for a good cause so I didn’t mind much.

First off, last night I behaved. Had a nice pre-race dinner of wine, more of my special hummus-sriracha-lentil-spinach salad and a mediocre chicken-broccoli-quinoa dish. To be honest, the wine and salad were better than the main course. I freaking LOVE hummus and hot sauce.

Here’s a acouple of us early this morning at the Komen Indy pre-race festivities. I decided not to run the 5k — instead I just did the mile fun walk with my friends so there was no stress or jitters the night before. It was great to just stroll along downtown with them and talk instead of fighting my way through 40,000 people and trying to get a good time.

I did blast some heavy metal in my car on the way downtown — doesn’t have to be a race day for that. Any time is a good time for heavy metal! \m/

I filled out the “in celebration of…” cards for a few very special people: my mom, aunts, grandma, my dear friend Laura, and also my buddy John’s mama-in-law who was just diagnosed…again.

I guess I just could have written everyone’s name on ONE card…but where’s the fun in that? This was way more meaningful…and obnoxious. =)

I ended up raising $300 for the Komen Foundation and I’m so thankful for all the friends and family who supported us!

It was actually pretty emotional for me this morning. The survivors all were given special pink t-shirts, and there were SO many of them!

Right when I got there I saw this adorable little old lady with her husband. They were holding hands and she was wearing a Survivor shirt. I almost starting bawling right then. (Yes, I am a smart-ass 90% of the time, but sometimes I feel a little stirring in my no-heart and I remember why I’m here on earth: to enjoy each moment and be thankful for everything I have…family, friends, hot husband, beer, hummus, sriracha sauce…)

Yeah, somebody forgot sunglasses and was piiiiiissed about it!

Then, the real treat — Patachouuuuu! It’s one of my favorite downtown restaurants and didn’t disappoint me today. We had POM champagne cocktails (in not champagne flutes for some reason), omelettes, cinnamon toast and some bombass coffee! Ohhhh I love their coffee. After walking around for hours in the cold this morning it was so nice to sit down to breakfast with the girlies and have some hot coffee.

When I got home, Mr. CTT and I did something completely domestic and suburban — went furniture shopping; which happens to be my new favorite hobby. We still have his “first apartment” furniture in our bedroom and that stuff is on it’s last leg. Picked out new stuff today and they’re delivering it next week. I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’ll probably be spending the next month or so in my room so, don’t call me — I’ll call you.

Then I scraped together some leftovers for dinner — yes, more hummus and hot sauce. Jeez! Veggie-patty melts with cheese and caramelized onions. Pretty good. Some more of last night’s wine. I didn’t take a picture but it’s the new TJs “reserve” Pinot Noir. It’s good, not great. Does the trick. Not as complex as some other pinots I’ve had but I wouldn’t pour it down the drain either. And, for $5.99 or whatever it cost, I can’t complain.

I’m going to attempt a 9 or 10 miler tomorrow morning. Flat. Meaning on the road and not on a trail. Looks like it’s back to my old hide-a-water-bottle-five-miles-from-my-house-and-run-to-it-and-then-run-back. But I did buy some new running shorts this week so I’m hoping they’ll give me special powers. I will not be forgetting my sunglasses this time.

Also — there’s a Three Floyds Lord Admiral Nelson kickin’ it in my fridge and he’s just dying for me to tear into him.


7 thoughts on “heavy metal in pink

  1. That drink next to the coffee looks pretty god, but I am a sucker for strawberries. I love double digit runs and it is the limit for me that I can run without requiring water…if I keep the pace down. I am sure I should use the hide the water bottle trick, but I am afraid that the psychological impact of someone stealing it would be too much to deal with…still being five miles away from home.

    Oh…those “chips” next to the sandwich look like gravel…don’t chip a tooth.

  2. Wasn’t the komen race just awesome? It was so amazing to see how many people knew someone with breast cancer. Sad. The race was great though! Good pics!

    • Ha — I JUST commented on your blog. Hee hee! I did the Komen run a couple times back when I lived in TX but Indy’s was HUGE — I heard one of the largest in the country. It was great to see so many people come out.

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