four floyds

I would like to dedicate the last 10 miles to my Mom and Dad; the proceeding beer to DBR; and these aching bunions to DSW, for coercing me into buying those moderately priced 4-inch Steve Madden heels.

In all seriousness folks, I quite possibly just had THE best 10 miler of my life. Great music, good vibes, new shorts, perfect weather, and no pain.

It’s like the entire universe came into alignment this morning and lifted me off the ground, allowing me to float from here to that tree where my water was hidden in the Brownsburg East Middle School parking lot, and back again.

How do you like elbows sticking out of the sides of me feet? Don’t they just make you HURT?

And, the four floyds I’m referring to in this blog title are the Three Floyds Lord Admiral Nelson strong bitter (58 IBU 6.8% ABV) I’m currently consuming:

+ the Pink Floyd song that inspired the last mile of my run today, appropriately titled, Learning to Fly.

Watch the video. It’s from Pulse. We have a DVD of one of the Pulse shows and I never get tired of watching that drummer go to work on that gigantic kit. Plus, I’m in love with David Gilmore. Sigh…

“There’s no sensation to compare with this; suspended animation, state of bliss…”

I’ve used the same course for my long runs in the past, so I’m familiar with a few of the landmarks. There’s an intersection exactly 3.1 miles from my house; a nice soft-paved sidewalk that begins at about 3.5 miles and goes on for about a mile; and, the aforementioned middle school parking lot at exactly 5.0.

And I felt like complete ick-nast until I reached that stop sign at the 5k mark. I don’t know if it was psychosomatic or what, but after I passed that stop sign, I started feeling awesome. I’ll admit, I spent the first mile neurotically adjusting my laces and the tongue of my shoes. One felt tighter than the other, one was hurting my ankle, one was too loose. Pretty much all of the major components that make up my right leg were conspiring against me; shin, calf, hammy, they all hated me…until I hit 3.1. Then they finally shut up.

I got into my groove and easily made it to the halfway point. I think that halfway point and the water I knew was waiting for me is what got me there and back again. MTAE and I joked about it, but I really think if for some reason my water hadn’t been there when I got to that tree, I would have cried like a baby!

I also had half a package of GU Energy Chomps safely stashed in the back of my sports bra, so I devoured them and chugged about half my water at the middle school. Then I did a couple of deep warrior poses, gave myself a firm slap in the face and went on my merry way.

I actually felt so good at that point that I had to force myself to slow down a little. I was afraid of running too fast (note: too fast on a 10 miler for ME is anything sub 10 minute miles) and hitting a wall, and I could feel my heart rate creeping up, so I stepped it down a notch.

When I got back to the 5k stop sign, I knew I was in good shape and no longer in danger of dying. I was so excited to be nearly done that I let ‘er creep again, and focused on running slow and steady.

Then, the last mile I just let it all go — I probably did about a 9:30 or so for that last stretch -when Learning to Fly came on my iPod- and there was no stopping me! I plowed down that last street to my house and then collapsed in the grass.


Okay — Astros/Cubs beginning as we speak — everyone: have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy the sunshine and the people you love!

10 thoughts on “four floyds

  1. Next time, run to my house. It’s just a bit farther than the school. Then we can drink a few beers and I’ll drive you home when the buzz wears off. Perfecto!

  2. I am labeled “chicken little” by just about everyone I know. If it can go wrong…I plan on it happening. When on my VERY long runs, I wrap a $5 bill in a ziplock and tuck it in the inside pocket of my shorts. I can run by a couple of 7/11s in case there is a calorie or dehydration issue. I didn’t get a chance to run today. Hockey on TV/Out to lunch with family/yard work…but I guess I should at least do five on the treadmill tonight…hockey is fun to run and watch…baseball can be a bit boring.

    For hockey, I run at a 6.5 mph pace and jump it to 7mph during commercials. This gets me through five miles in about one period.

    Sorry ’bout the Cubs…5-7 start is tough.

    • I’m hoping this means the Cubs will experience their annual collapse in the beginning of the season rather than the end this year. Can’t get any worse, right?

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