jillian is cheaper than therapy

After a couple of crappy, yet ultimately non-blogworthy incidents today, I just needed to get home and clear my head, sweat, do some contortions and breathe deeply.

Sometimes life is just stupid. Ya read?

Enter: Jillian… [yoga yoga yoga]

Ah, that’s better.

Things are looking up. As we speak (read/write) someone’s on their way over to put a wad of sweaty money in my hand in exchange for my husband’s crappy bedroom furniture; I assure you I’m not going to spend it all in one place (hookers and blow).

Another mood elevator (if money’s not your thing) is the garden. It looks phenomenal right now because it’s hasn’t gotten despicably hot yet here in midwest land. And it’ll be ever more uplifting in a few weeks when we have insta-salad straight outta the back yard.

Suggestive peony…

unborn children…



Now get off the computer and go do some ohms.

9 thoughts on “jillian is cheaper than therapy

  1. I just got the Jillian yoga dvd (wow I originally typed out video) in via netflix and can’t wait to try it. I’m anxious to see if it is going to be superhard or lame.

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