a dodgy twitter contest

So, I was a little tipsy last night on twitter and I said I’d send a free beer to anyone who’d email me a photo of them doing crow pose.

Apparently I didn’t take into consideration how little upper body strength I actually have, or just how many people would take me up on a free beer! So after getting one immediate response, I chickened out and re-qualified that statement to be the FIRST person who sends me a photo of them doing crow pose. (Lesson: when you offer a contest, make sure you can actually deliver!)

So…here is the winner: Meet Daniel of Pen & Pint, doing a very impressive crow pose in jeans and socks. (Queue round of applause.)

crow pose

Oh, and he asked me to let you guys know they’re remodeling, so please don’t mind the trim. (To which I responded, “that’s what she said! Huh, huh.”)

Now, you might ask how I know it’s actually him; the photo is not dated so maybe he just snatched a picture off the webz and emailed it to me?

Well, we’re using the honor system here (told you this was not well planned!) But I did briefly browse the web for this picture and I couldn’t find it, so I’m going to believe him. (Next contest, maybe I’ll stipulate the person hold up a sign that says “cheaper than therapy!” That would be pretty awesome, actually.)

What made me feel super not awesome is that he said he’d never even tried to do the pose before. So now I have to master it just for the sake of my own dignity.

Thanks Daniel! I’m going to send you a big fat IPA from Indiana. I think I’ve got just the thing…


11 thoughts on “a dodgy twitter contest

  1. Thanks very much for the contest, Marie (and the forthcoming beer)! I am a huge user of “That’s what she said,” and it even ran through my apparently enormous head when I wrote that bit about the missing trim.

    I’m glad someone else picked up on it, too. Oh, and I totally didn’t intend to offend with my “I’d never done a crow pose” talk. But I did try it again when I got home and was able to hold the pose for a while longer.

    I’ll credit my astounding upper body strength and massive cranium on this one.

  2. You should see me attempt to do yoga. I am, without fail, the worst in the entire room. I used to take it with an instructor who was nice about it (“its ok, you’re a runner”) who switched to a kid’s studio. She was like “feel free to stop by!”

    I almost did, but the idea of the 5 year olds doing it better than me was too depressing.

  3. I will second Amy on the “that’s what she said!” I have made a mental note of only SAYING it about 20% of the time I actually THINK it during the day.

    I do that “crow” thing to make my two year old laugh…but I didn’t know it had a name.

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