pancake therapy


I am soooo happy to tell you that House 2.0 is finally finished.

It’s been FIVE LONG YEARS since we moved into this money pit, and I think the last few months have actually been the most annoying. (carpet, paint, furniture).

Ever since we moved in, we’ve basically been saving money every winter to do a big project every spring. I probably can’t even remember everything we’ve gutted and replaced, but here are a few of the big ones:

  • paint throughout (in two phases including doors and baseboards)
  • new kitchen appliances and kitchen sink
  • new siding/trim
  • new carpet
  • landscaping (including 50 plants, retaining wall and borders, pulling out rocks and replacing with soil/mulch)
  • tubs and showers (liners and fixtures)
  • bedroom furniture/kitchen chairs
  • + a whole slew of smaller, intermittent project that included replacing the fireplace frame and doors, electrical outlet and face plates (because when we moved in they were all different colors!) all our interior doorknobs and light fixtures, patio door, front screen door and patio furniture. We also had to repaint the baseboards because the new carpet was shorter than the old carpet and you could see the line.

I would show you before/after pictures but posting photos of your house online just doesn’t seem like a good idea, right? Who knows.

Five years. It’s like extreme makeover on a budget. We finally have our dream home, we just didn’t have the funds or the corporate sponsorship to have a team of 500 people do it for us in a weekend while we jaunted off to the Caribbean.

Anyway, a lot’s been going on. Job stuff, home stuff, family stuff, running stuff. I’m not saying my life is hard (or harder than anyone else’s), but sometimes everything just comes to a head you have to suck it up, make yourself a huge pot of coffee and some pumpkin spice pancakes and go to town on them in your kitchen.

I ran 11 miles yesterday and it went surprisingly well. I actually may have done more like 11.8, depending on whether you want to believe the odometer in my car or the pedometer on my waist. I’m guessing it was somewhere between the two. The pedometer has proven fairly accurate for me (I ran some tests on courses where I already knew the distance) but only if your stride is consistent, and I’m pretty sure as I got closer to the end of the run my stride got shorter and shorter.

Side note: I ripped my last contact lens last week so I had to wear my glasses. They were fogging up because it was so humid and I had to keep stopping to wipe them off on my shorts. I looked like such a dorktard.

I finished feeling strong except for the whole bunion area– the twin banes of my existence. I couldn’t even wear shoes for the rest of the day because it hurt when anything even touched the bunions. Even laying in bed last night I could feel them burning.

It’s really frustrating because I know I could do so much better if my feet weren’t hating on me all the time. I know you guys have all been through foot/knee/leg problems and injuries, so you know how frustrating it is to feel strong but have one little body part screwing it up for the rest of you.

They can do surgery to remove the bunions (I believe it involves something like a belt sander) but doctors say you should only do it as a last resort because sometimes they grow back, and some people aren’t able to run again after it’s done (or only after months and months in recovery and still with stiffness and pain).

Also, it terrifies me. And reading some of the horror stories on the message boards did not help matters. Yet, it’s getting to the point where I probably do need to see a podiatrist and find out if there’s anything else I could possibly be doing to minimize the pain.

Okay, that was fun, huh?

I’m thinking a nice lazy day of boozing it up with the hubby and watching movies sounds like just the right thing. (By the way, we watched Inglourious Basterds last night and it was awesome. A riot. I loved Eli Roth and BJ Novak. After watching a couple seasons of the Office -US-, it was hysterical to see “the temp” scalping Nazis.)

Hope you’re having a great day –


7 thoughts on “pancake therapy

  1. Have you tried to switch to running shoes with a wider toebox?

    I’m fortunate in the fact that the bunion I have has been helped by 1. me giving up heels 2. lacing my shoes differently. but i’m petrified of it getting worse for the reasons you mention above, especially since mine will RANDOMLY HURT WHEN I AM JUST SITTING HERE. SO. ANNOYING.

    • yeah…I used to wear Addidas and switched to Pearl Izumi about two pairs ago. They have a wide toe box too and also don’t have a seam that goes right across that part of my foot. I don’t know…I may try switching back to the Addidas next just to see what happens. I gave up heels after spraining my ankle last year and I’m pretty much still off them now. I can usually wear my big black boots with no problems but that’s no fun in the summer. Sometimes my righty hurts randomly for no reason. Lefty usually leaves me alone until 10+ miles or so. I’ll probably wait until I’m in constant agony to even consider surgery. Blah blah blah…

  2. Never would I have thought I’d be reading about bunions tonight. Good luck with that though, does not sound pleasant.

    And holy patience with your home, seems like you have a lot going on there. I want to buy a house but I think bad karma would catch up with me and I would have every issue in the world.

  3. That sounds about right…My BF has been remodeling his house since before we met. We destroyed the kitchen together after only 3 months of dating I think? Yeah…our 2 year anniversary is coming up now and we still don’t have a finished kitchen. SIGH. 😦

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