no bloggity

Heeeey everybody,

So I know you’ve probably been going into convulsions and seeing babies crawling across the ceiling because I haven’t blogged in a couple days.



Anyway, I’ve had a harrowing couple of days at work. We’re doing this co-mailing with a trade organization and their marketing director called me on Monday to say, “oopsie! We need all 7000 of your inserts in Florida by Friday! Sorry for the short notice! I know a great printer if you need one!”

Yeah. On top of the like, 50 other things I’ve got going on right now. So I put in a couple of 12 hour days and spent a couple sleepless nights stressing. Now that that’s over with, I can go back to just being regular stressed instead of uberstressed, which is perfectly within my capabilities.

The reason I left my last gig was because I felt irrelevant and I wanted to be challenged…but maybe that’s overrated! Just kidding — I love my job! I LOVE IT. And it’s about time folks. Believe me, I paid my dues.

Anyway, I didn’t run or even do jillian last night. I just came home, scraped together what food was left in the house, poured a glass of wine and sat down on the couch for a *shudder* Hills marathon on MTV.

My husband got home from work early and caught me watching it! He was like, “you’re watching trash aren’t you?!” Guilty.

But more about dinner: I took some leftover cayenne-roasted butternut squash, some leftover chicken, whipped up some pesto and put it all in a whole wheat tortilla.

Dude. So good.

Anyway, today is back to basics. I’m working 8 to 5, running, maybe doing a little light jillian and then polishing off the rest of that bottle of Fire Steed from last night.

Survey: Half marathon is in 9 days. Do I do 12 miles on Saturday or just a short run (like 6-7) and call it quitsies? (I did 11 this past weekend, but it’s taken until just now for my right bunion to recover.)



Oh yeah.


15 thoughts on “no bloggity

  1. Thanks to your title I’ll be singing “No Diggity” for the rest of the day. Sweet.

    And I get sucked into The Hills, too. Ok, I really just wanted to see Heidi. And then I saw her. And couldn’t look at her directly for the rest of the show because it was so awful. Did you see her attempt to cry but couldn’t really scrunch her face? No words…

  2. A new blog: the Earth may resume spinning on its normal axis! Just give into the dark lord and trash tv and relax! “And I like the way you work it…”

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