Five miles. Bunion right ached all day. Every time I was in my office I kicked off my right shoe and propped my foot up on this handy little ledge that’s on the inside front wall of my desk. Bunion left stayed quiet. Now righty is absolutely burning.

Plus, we ran through some hard mud in the Creek today so my ankle was feeling kinda wonky. It’s propped up on my PC tower at this moment, getting icy.

Don’t worry about me though — I’m self-medicating.

Hercules DIPA. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% ABV; 85 IBUs. I’ve had it before but not for a while. I’ve been in the mood for a DIPA lately. Been drinking a lot of stouts and Belgians. Had to get back to my roots.

I did FINALLY pick up a beer to send to my contest winner from three years ago, Mr. Pen & Pint. I didn’t forget about you dude! I just haven’t been to the beer store all week (that sounds bad).

But I got you something I am pretty sure you’ve never had before — it’s from a little brewery right here in Indiana so I hope you like it. I’ve never had it, and I’m not promising it’s going to be the BEST beer in the world — it only got a ‘B’ on beer advocate. But it’s free, so don’t gripe, mkay? =) Blog about it.

BTW does anyone know the best way to mail a beer?! I’m thinking big box and lots and lots and lots of bubble wrap.

In other news, I made my awesome tempeh sandwich again last night. I threw it in a pan with some grapeseed oil, cayenne and sriracha and then slapped it into a pita with some hummus and goat cheese. It was unbelievable. Hubs got home from work around 10 and said, “it smells amazing in here!” and begged me to make him one. He loved it too. Big hit. He actually said, “and this isn’t meat??”

Tomorrow: taking it easy. Yoga. Comfort dinner. Movie and major cuddle time on the couch. The whole bunion thing has got me anxious. I’m thinking I may take some time off from running after the half and try to figure it out. Maybe invest in some expensive ubercomfortable shoes I can wear to work. Katiepants suggested Earth. Something’s gotta change. My cheap target flats aren’t doing the trick anymore, and heels are out of the question.


Next issue: patio, polkadot cadaver, and DIPA. Cheers.


6 thoughts on “bunionology

  1. Ooh that bunion thingy doesn’t sound very pleasant. Why don’t you take up swimming?

    I seriously think you are either stalking me or have a camera on me or somehow we share some wavelengths or some crazy shit. After that absolute miraculous copy-cat beer review several weeks ago, today I drank Titan IPA… and you drank his big brother Hercules from the same brewery. There are thousands of options. This is getting scary!

  2. I’ve been tempted to mail bourbon on several occasions, but I’ve never actually attempted it. I think it may actually be illegal to mail distilled spirits, in fact…not that that would absolutely stop me from trying, but I’m thinking a fifth bottle might slosh and be a giveaway. A bottle of beer isn’t the same size (or flammability) so there may be less worries there, both in legality and discoverability.

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