watch my garden grow

Morning dearies!

My arms are feelin’ all noodley from an extra-tough dose of the Jillians.

I did NOT run today. =) I’m currently in pre-half-marathon “chill mode,” which is my favorite part of training. This is the week I get to just run for fun, work out and forget about logging mileage (except I didn’t really log mileage this time around anyway. Whoops).

I ran four miles yesterday and I planned on running today but then I just decided, eh, screw it; I made a pot of coffee and did yoga instead.

It’s a beautiful misty day and I opened the doors and listened to the birds chirping while Jillian yelled at me. It was pure bliss.

The garden is doing SO good right now. I am amazed at how quickly everything has exploded this year. We had a couple of late-freeze scares but these guys seem to know whats up with Indiana weather and they took it like champions.

Potted perennial geranium…

Food! Vancouver spinach…

Cilantro! Burritos all summer long…


Little baby bell peppers…can you see them?

First two baby tomatoes…and a worm! Ick.

Irises about to bloom…


Peonies about to bloom…


I just love watching things grow…must be why I eat so much! Bahaha.

Speaking of. Time to figure out breakfast.

Have a dope Sunday, friends.

(Blog title inspired by: He is Legend, China White II)


3 thoughts on “watch my garden grow

  1. Aw everything looks so pretty, except that worm. I hate worms. I made my lab partner do the dissecting when we had to in high school.

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