Need your happy thoughts today guys!


Thanks –


11 thoughts on “wah

  1. My grandpa had a stroke (or strokes) over the weekend. He’s 96, but also incredibly stubborn. 😉 We’re hoping for the best.

    …and I’m also out of beer. 😉

  2. Happy thoughts or pissed off, puppy-punting thoughts – whatever you need, you got ’em.

    I hope your grandpa pulls through. Mine (mid-70s) had one two years ago and with some therapy made a pretty thorough recovery. We just had to damn near beat him over his head to make him go to said therapy.

  3. All my thoughts to you and your grandpa! Mine is pretty stubborn as well: he escaped the hospital to go dancing (line dancing that is) with his new girlfriend… he’s 89!?!? Anyways I hope all goes well!

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