something green and rather not good this way comes

First, I just have to give a big up to WordPress for the autosave feature. I was typing merrily along when stupid Firefox just up and quit on me. I was almost in tears but everything was saved. JOY. Otherwise this post would be a lot crappier than it is because I’m never as clever when I’m trying to remember something the second time around…

Nothing new to report today except that I did yoga and then made a mediocre green squishy.

Yeah. Not one of my best, folks. We are out of bananas (for shame!) so I did a spinach and strawberry with almond milk. Even Wrigley disregarded it, and she’ll eat anything.

I had every intention of taking advantage of Drink-On-A-Weekday de Mayo today (which, admit it, is really all it means to us gueras), but I’m just not feelin’ it.

Mind you, if someone brought me a margarita, chicken enchiladas with red chile and a big steaming pile of nachos right now, I’d kill it. KILL IT. But I just don’t feel like going anywhere to get it.

Tomorrow: you Indy folks come out and join us at Patrick’s Kitchen for this month’s beer tasting: Great Divide! I had their Hercules DIPA and also their Yeti Russian Imperial Stout recently and they both kick ass. Plus, I’m going to be there geeking around so you really don’t wanna miss it.

Alrighty then. Bath, book, bed. If only every day could be this simple.

Peace –

8 thoughts on “something green and rather not good this way comes

  1. Wow! I have a black and white cat that could be your cat’s twin!

    Except my cat doesn’t look at my smoothies so judgmentally. Just sayin. 🙂

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