let the carbo loading begin

First order of business: last night’s Great Divide tasting was epic. Also had some of best damn fish tacos of my life, and that includes the year I spent on the Gulf coast. More photos forthcoming, but here’s a teaser:

Second: T minus 21:24:43 to liftoff. Pre-flight carbo-loading began at 900 hrs with epic almond butter jelly banana waffle and large coffee.

I still don’t feel like I’ve gotten my Mexican fix yet, so tonight I’m making my mama’s very special enchiladas.

Also, it is traditional for me to have one pre-race glass of wine. A nice, light Shiraz should pair well with the spicy red enchilada sauce.

My hammy has been giving me some trouble this week. I planned on running last night after work (before the beer thing) but I didn’t want to exacerbate the situation. It didn’t hurt any more or less after running on Tuesday though. And it felt slightly better after doing yoga on Wednesday. I’ll probably run two miles tonight after work, ice/roll-stick it out, and then just hope for the best.

It can’t be any worse than that time I was chased 50 miles through the jungle after taking a spear through the torso. (Oh wait, that was Apocalypto. Damn it.)


8 thoughts on “let the carbo loading begin

    • haha! I actually buy the sauce at TJs…like everything else. But I add a little more heat to it myself. 😉 For some reason my runs always start in agony and then once I get warmed up I’m fine…go figure.

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