dear half marathon, consider yourself spanked

Half marathon results: PRed by about 3 minutes. Just drank a beer in the bath. Full body massage coming up at 3 p.m.

I was in agony for the first three miles. Those three…were worse than the LAST three, if you can believe it. I wondered if I was going to be able to finish.

Right hamstring, left shin, right ankle all conspired against me. Plus it was cold and CRAZY windy. 35 mph gusts.

But then somehow all the pain just melted away and I started hauling ass. By the time we got to track I’d found a groove and when I saw the clock at mile 8, I realized a PR was still possible. That last mile, I was passing people left and right.

Bewildered. But elated.


14 thoughts on “dear half marathon, consider yourself spanked

  1. A big congrats. Maybe there’s something to battling the wind, because I recently ran a surprising PB under similar conditions. Enjoy your much-deserved beer bath!

  2. Congratulations! But what exactly is PR? It might be my next career move, but I highly doubt you were going for public relations during your run!

  3. Congrats on the PR!

    It was cold and windy as hell at my son’s track meet on Saturday; I can only imagine it was even colder where you are. Damn unpleasant to be running in, I imagine, but you kicked its ugly ass!

    • 2:21. my worst ever was 2:36 and my most recent was 2:28. I would love to average closer to a 10 minute mile but I might love food and beer a little bit more… 😉

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