ABQ bound

Departing for ABQ at 1500 today.

After having a couple of days to sort things out, I’m a little ashamed to admit I’m actually really excited to go to my hometown this weekend (in spite of the circumstances, of course.)

I love flying.

And I’m probably one of the few people post-9/11 who actually still has a good time in airports. (And, am I the only one who thinks charging an additional $5 for a printout of your full-body scanner image would be a great way for airports to make a little extra cash? Just me? Okay then.)

I love people watching, and I love the opportunity to sit, uninterrupted for three hours and read a book. I will also love having a brewskay and a hot dog at MDW during an unfortunate three-hour layover there this evening.

Plus, Albuquerque = the FAM; dry heat, running in the mountains, glorious sunsets and…green chile EVERYTHING.

And…my grandpa was 97 years old, people. NINETY-SEVEN! So this is going to be a celebration. We are thrilled to have known such an awesome dude, and we’re also elated he’s shuffled himself loose the mortal coil and he’s no longer suffering. (It’s the rest of us miserable slobs I feel sorry for, heh.)

I love him so much!

See you guys next week — peace!


8 thoughts on “ABQ bound

  1. As I told Kim at Laments & Observations this week, I love flying, but I’m not so much a fan of airports. Big boxes o’ hassle is what they are, but they’re the price to pay for flying, so it’s worth it. (I once theorized that the people who hate flying and the people who hate motorcycles probably overlap by at least 85%.)

    Enjoy those mountains, and I’ll tip a glass in celebration of a cool old dude.

  2. Aww sorry the circumstances are rough, but still have a good time at home! And I love airports also, I love getting there like 2 hours early and wandering around.

  3. SOUTHWEST? (I’m guessing based on the fact that you are flying into MDW.)

    I love airports. I love planes. Seriously, I want George Clooney’s job from Up in the Air. (I told this to someone I know who does fly that often and she got pissed. Screw her. She wasn’t willing to switch jobs though 😦 )

    Enjoy the trip, though sorry to hear about the circumstances. I think you are dead on with your analysis either way.

  4. Sorry for your loss, but it sounds like it will be a great chance to see family and celebrate your gpa!

    I also secretly don’t mind layovers. I used to travel a ton for work and a layover was a great excuse to have a couple of drinks and read a trashy magazine instead of working. 🙂

  5. I love the idea of the full bady scan print out. I love going to airports and flying. I usually get there three hours ahead of time just for people watching reasons alone.

    Sounds like your grandpa have a full life and was a great guy, have a nice time with your family and remembering him 🙂

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