I’ve had this agonizing pain in my right heel ever since I woke up the day after the race. I apologize for not griping about it sooner but I had a lot going on…

I did get to chat with my bad-ass marathon-running aunt and uncle about it over the weekend and they both knew exactly what it was.

The unofficial diagnosis? Plantar fasciitis. According to Wikipedia, it’s caused by wearing crap shoes with no arch support, over-running, being fat, etc.

Aunt Mary advised me to start rolling it on a soup can (or something similar) immediately, stop wearing shitty shoes, ice it, and get into some custom orthotics, like, now.

I guess I sort of missed the boat on orthotics but you’ll be glad to know I had a handful of family members who were more than happy to remove a shoe and show me theirs (yeah, they’re all like me).

I’ve heard these things can get quite nasty if you let them fester too long so I’m trying to stay on top of it. My parents sent me home with a spare foot massage stick that resembles a doggy chew toy (which is under my foot and rolling at this moment) and I’ll be making an appointment with a podiatrist, post-haste.

Needless to say, no running happened in the ‘burque. But I did manage to consume my weight in enchiladas and try some new beers (and thus, gain five pounds)…

It’s always something, I tell you.

I slept until NOON yesterday. I know. I haven’t done that since college. I got home from the airport around midnight Saturday and then sacked out for the next 12 hours. I almost got up at 10 but then I remembered we’re out of coffee so I said the hell with it and went back to sleep.

Here’s a photo tour of my weekend in New Mexico starting with some feet.

Some beer – Santa Fe Brewing Hefeweizen (And they had the Fiesta IPA on draft at the airport!)…

The scene…

A lovely door…

Carne seca van…what, you don’t buy your beef jerky from a roadside van??

The view from our living room…

The wine (Mission Point Pinot – yep, mom shops at TJs too)…

Some cousins, Katie, Daniel, Jane, me and Jess (I’m tormenting Jess, who thinks he’s too cool to be photographed)…

Mama, Katie, me, aunt Claudia…

Jane and her boo Andrew. They are butt crazy in love. It’s disgusting. =)

Sweet hippie van at the Range Cafe…

THE RANGE. best.huevos.ever.


Hope Monday’s not being too much of a jerk to you guys.



9 thoughts on “doh

  1. I hope you feel better soon. Your family has a beautiful home. I was looking forward to running with you this week. Looks lik it will be beer instead. Let me know if you decide to see Terry. My friends Emily and Shelly both went through the same injury. Shelly rested hers and has fully recovered. Emily is running on her every day with orthodix and has yet to recover.

    • I’m seeing a podiatrist for the first time and I’m actually kind of excited. Weird? It’ll be nice to see an actual doctor rather than trolling the internet for medical advice, which is what I normally do. 😉

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