on hating, farm food and high calorie beer

Observation: there are some cold-blooded snakes (girl! look into his eyes) out there in bloggy land. Wowie.

I’m so glad I’m not popular enough to be hated. I’ve noticed on a lot of the more popular blogs out there, you see people getting ripped on by an army of anonymous jerks.

I’m glad none of you people expect much from me or take me seriously. And I shall return you the same courtesy.

I’ll be honest, I’m probably just too lazy to get all hatey and vengeful on other people’s blogs. Sometimes I don’t even read your entire blog post. I just look at the pictures. Sorry! I still love you though.

I do appreciate how documenting details of my life on the internet helps hold me accountable though. Since I already said I’m running a marathon, it’s going to be super embarrassing if I fail miserably. Like last year when I said I was going to lose 15 pounds. Ryyyyight?

Anyhoo, just had to put that out there.

Not much going on today. I did Level 1 and Level 2 of Jillian yoga last night. I haven’t worked out at ALL since the half marathon May 8. Last week my heel was killing so much I couldn’t even do down dog. Pathetic. It’s amazing how much strength I feel like I lost in just a few days. And now that I’m on a little break from running, I have to watch my weight — bummer.

So, to begin my new healthy lifestyle, yesterday’s lunch was a veggie sandwich with swiss on marble rye with spicy mustard. For dinner I had tempeh, grilled with my favorite garlic pepper sauce, goat cheese and hummus on a whole wheat pita.

No beer.

I’m not going to drink until I can run again. Because my ass just cannot handle that. Especially the beer I like to drink. (You’d have to drink a 12 pack of Michelob Ultra to equal the carbs in just one Sierra Nevada Big Foot barleywine. (But who wants to?! YUCK. I don’t care what the media tells you; Michelob Ultra is not beer, people.)

I mentioned the farm food delivery program we signed up for yesterday but here’s the site: FarmFreshDelivery.com. You can sign up for weekly or biweekly (FREE!) delivery, and the minimum order is $35. We’re going to try it out and see if it’s makes sense financially. If we sign up and I still end up spending a gajillion dollars at TJs every week, we’ll have to quit. (If I was rich, I would quit my job and just grow all my own food, brew my own beer and live off the land.)

Now, only if they could deliver wine and beer…

Sorry there were no pictures for you to look at today, haha. Have a good one.


25 thoughts on “on hating, farm food and high calorie beer

  1. Also, you don’t suck. I think a lot of popular blogs are popular because they irritate as many people as they interest. ;p

    OH and regarding Mich Ultra: Someone told me its a great “runner’s beer” b/c of how light it is.

    Yeah. Ok.

    • Well, I am a sucker for indulging in things that irritate me. Probably why I tune in to the Hills every week.

      I know you’ve seen those ads in Runner’s World for Mich Ultra — even though I hate it, the marketing team behind that brand pretty much nailed it.

      • Yeah, I hear you. There are a couple of blogs/TV shows I had to stop reading/watching though…I HAVE MY LIMITS. What they are should probably not be discussed while sober….

        Its funny/sad because its true.

  2. I don’t think you suck. I’ll drink light beer if I know I have to drink a lot of them, otherwise I don’t have any room in my stomach and I can’t get drunk. No fun.

  3. I almost didn’t read this. On account that there’s no pictures.

    And yeah, I’m too lazy to get hateful on blogs. I just choose not to comment. Because seriously- this is a hobby I want to enjoy. Why be negative about it? *Although I do reserve the right to get a little snarky in posts if I’m pissy. That’s a different story…

  4. Yeah, well, I was going to lose 15 pounds last year, too. Lost 10, gained it all back over the winter. (I’d also bet that I outweigh you by 50, so KMA.) Back to the grind…

    I never understand the point of blog-hating. If I decide I don’t like a blog, I stop reading it. Turns out, wow-ee, there’s another 20,000 more where that one came from – one of which I’m sure to like better. Why waste the energy?

    Well, I’ll tell you why. The infamous Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. Yes, it’s just a theory – but then again, so is gravity.

  5. Not to be mean, but do you realize how many people you might be scarring because of your unhealthy deprivation habits towards beer? You didn’t post any pictures, that means you didn’t eat anything today, right? I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to stop reading your blog. Thanks for fucking up my day, and maybe my week.

    Feel better?

  6. I hate that low-carb beer. Sometimes I’ll crave a Bud Light or Miller Light for summer-ballpark-nostalgia reasons, but I’ll take a real beer (and the calories that come with it) over that crap any day of the week!

    Hope you get back up and running soon…I don’t like this no-beer thing…I don’t like feeling like the only blogger out there who posts her daily alcohol consumption…. 🙂

    • heh. right you are – we have to drink Old Style at Cubs games. It’s TRADITION. And really, who wants to drink a Russian imperial stout in 90 degree heat at a ballpark? That’s just asking for a case of the voms.

      Thanks for the well-wishes. I may have a no beer rule but I never said anything about wine! Bwahahaha.

  7. I would gladly drink any tasty microbrewed beer over Coors Light, Michelob Ultra or any of those flavored water beverages with fewer calories. If you’re doing to drink, drink something that counts!

  8. There’s blog drama out there? Scandalous! You drink beer, run (well not both together right now) and from Indiana-you’re A-OK in my book.

    Never knew that about the Sierra Navada–and who says you don’t learn something new every day?

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