broke my vows


Me and the ol’ ball and chain just got done washing and waxing our cars for the summer. We also vacuumed and armor-alled the inside. I think he enjoys this kind of thing way too much. But we cranked some music in the garage so it wasn’t too terrible. Plus the cars are sparkly and now I’m having a beer, so no complaints.

Meet Mikkeller Stateside IPA:

7% ABV, IBUs = ? I saw something on Beer Advocate that said its 1000 IBUs, but that makes no sense. Typo? I’d be willing to accept 100 IBUs. Let’s just say it has eleventy hundred and be done with it.

(Yeah — that whole not drinking until I can run again thing lasted until yesterday. Whoops! Whatever. You knew I’d cave.)

Here’s a great lunch idea:

Grilled tempeh with goat cheese, hummus and hot sauce on a whole wheat tortilla. This is about all I eat anymore. I still can’t bring myself to eat meat yet. Still recovering from Food Inc.

Last night I met a couple of girlfriends at a little joint in B-burg. The west side is full of colorful, working class, blue collar bars. Which suits me fine. The “trendy” places downtown seem to have better craft beer choices than anywhere on the west side, but you can’t beat a dive after work on a Friday.

I had the Magic Hat #9 in a bottle (nothing decent on tap except Guiness.)

Hubby’s Guiness had a cute clover in the foam. I was way too excited about it.

I also checked out the garden this morning…we hadn’t been out there in several days, and I was blown away — the spinach and cilantro exploded this week! Jalapenos need more heat before they’re going to get any bigger. Tomatoes are doing pretty good; still green, but there are several little guys growing on there that should ripen in another week or so.

BASIL?! Not so much…

What happened to you baby?! I have reason to believe a certain bunny has been getting into my basil. I’ve seen him going back and forth across the deck the past few days. But it’s so cute, I’ll probably just let it continue. Or make rabbit stew. (Hey, at least it didn’t come from a factory farm. Hee hee!)



My friend Kate, knower of all things veg, said you can preserve your cilantro in a vase like you would flowers, stick a bag over and keep it in the fridge. Win!

For breakfast:

THE best green smoothie I have made thus far. I really think the fresh garden spinach made a huge difference. I also threw in half a frozen banana and our last three strawberries. DELISH.

Also, the new chicory coffee from TJs is fantastic. I drank about a gallon of it this morning.

When we were done with the cars, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. First time I’ve put on my running shoes since May 8! We walked for about 20 minutes and my heel didn’t hurt at all. Such a relief.

I might try to run/walk tomorrow if it still feels okay. I’m getting antsy to start up again but I don’t want to exacerbate anything down there. I’m still doing the rolling/icing/NSAIDing and I think it’s really helped.

Podiatrist on Monday — let’s hope for good news.

And now…my couch is calling me. Y’all be good today. Peace!


8 thoughts on “broke my vows

  1. I knew you’d cave on that “no beer” proposal, but cleaning and waxing the car is a workout, so you deserve it anyway. Skip a meal here and there and you can drink more, that’s also a winning tactic! Talk to you later.

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