the fun continues

Against my better judgment I attempted to run/walk this morning. Paying for it now.

I ran three minutes; walked one for about 3.5 miles but I was limping for the last half mile. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

I rollled out my foot on the massage stick and iced it, and it feels a little better now (ow, no it doesn’t. It feels like I’m walking around with a golf ball in my shoe); I probably pushed it a little too much. Well. At least I won’t have any trouble showing the doctor where it hurts tomorrow.


Last night I made some fantastic tacos with tofu, cilantro, basil and a mixture of green chile and picante sauce. In my cousin Eddy voice: “it was gooooood.”

I tried a couple different kinds of new “cheese” last night. I put that in quotations because one of them was that “Veggie Shreds” fake cheese. It was…different.

Notice how it’s not melting though…yeah. I think you could get away with using that on a salad maybe, but for tacos you need the real deal.

The other cheese was just an organic white cheddar and it was much better. I think I like experimenting with different kinds of food, but I have to draw the line at fake cheese.

See? Melty. That is what cheese is supposed to do.

Anyhoo, today is hubby and wifey day. He’s off work, I’m off work. It’s 90° outside. Cold ones in the fridge. Food that wants to be grilled. Need I say more?


4 thoughts on “the fun continues

  1. Enjoy the bbq. And I’ve always wanted to try fake cheese- I haven’t yet, but it seriously intrigues me. Maybe I’ve not bought it for that reason- because I like to think of it as a mystery… or I’m scared it’ll taste like shit. Either/or.

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