back home…for a minute

There’s nothing like grandma’s home cooking for piling on five pounds in a single weekend. But unless you wanna consistently gain five pounds every time you visit (and hence, be 15 pounds heavier in a year or two), you have to figure out a good way to drop that “grandma weight” healthfully.

There are plenty of ways to accomplish this, but my favorite way to shed a few pounds quickly is speed and laxatives.

Okay, not really. My favorite way to lose weight is by eating raw.

I consume a diet of nothing but raw fruits and veggies for three days and there goes the weight. I don’t eat this way all the time because I just can’t go that long without eating fried stuff with cheese; but it’s a good for a temporary fix.

Ummmm. Starting tomorrow.

I came home to a bunch of nearly liquified bananas in the kitchen and had to quickly whip up a batch of banana bread in order to salvage them.

So much for eating raw! Screw it — I look better with cushioning anyway.

I did have a 100% raw spinach smoothie for breakfast, with almond milk (made with water and whole raw almonds) and strawberries.

Baby steps, people.

We had a great time at the grandparents’ house. Even thought they belong to my hubby, they love me and always make me feel like part of the family. And I love them back like crazy.

It was just nice to be in a grandparent’s house again: there’s old people stuff all over the place, family photos, toys, vintage books and games. There really is no place like it in the world.

Except for this:

Grandma’s doll room. Yep. Pretty much the scariest place on earth. I swear, sometimes their eyes follow you.



Then we’re off on another adventure. A dude hubby’s known since kindergarten is getting married in Mt. Vernon, Ill. I love weddings, and not just because of the open bar. They make my cry every time. Even the wedding in Germany when I didn’t understand a single word. I’m so gefühlvoll.

I also love staying in hotels. I always have to try to utilize everything in the room in order to get my money’s worth. For another wedding a couple years ago, we stayed at a really nice, brand new Westin outside of Chicago. Picture me at 7 a.m.: I am wearing the bathrobe, drinking Starbucks coffee in bed with my head propped up on 18 pillows. And yes, I steal every bottle of shampoo and lotion in the place.

I may have to try to use the hotel weight room while I’m there (yeah right) since I can’t seem to get this foot issue behind me. In the car Saturday, I was rolling my foot out on the massage stick and torturing myself by reading the latest issue of Runner’s World. Because not being able to run isn’t bad enough — I have to pour salt on the wound by reading about other people running.

We did go for a short walk around the neighborhood and my foot didn’t hurt at all. It gave me hope until I woke up this morning with more heel pain. The golf ball, apparently, has not left the building.

Thanks for reading. I really don’t have any direction since I’ve stopped running, so it’s nice to know you people still see fit to read this blog.

Happy freakin’ Tuesday.


5 thoughts on “back home…for a minute

  1. Now you know why I had to cancel my subscription to Cycle World when I wrecked my motorcycle.

    Grandma’s doll room just made me cringe. It’s like they crammed the Barbie aisle in Target into a more claustrophobic space. I’d be forced to put a big Tonka dump truck right in the middle to salvage my sanity.

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