because I already had a blog post titled “blah”


What do I have to say today? Nothing of substance. I really want to run. Really, really.

What I have to settle for is walking around the neighborhood in the blistering heat. If I’m going to be sweating like a pig, I should at least be burning calories like one. No wait, scratch that. Pigs probably don’t burn that many calories. I should at least be burning calories like a hummingbird.

As it is, I feel like I’m just sitting here getting fatter and fatter.

Let’s take last night’s dinner for example.


No sir.

We had grilled kabobs, hot dogs and collard greens.

Yeah, not only did I not eat raw, I even cooked the salad. Cooked. The salad.

I will never understand Southern cooking. I’m not saying it wasn’t good — because it was; I would just like to know how that went down the first time.

I imagine somebody was eating a salad one day and then all of a sudden they were like, “hey, this salad is pretty good but I bet if we cooked it in meat and butter, it’d be even better!”

Wine? That I understand.

9 thoughts on “because I already had a blog post titled “blah”

  1. lmao about southern cooking. I wonder the same thing often since I live in the south. I tried collards this past spring and actually dug them but fried everything and doused in butter? Why? And who? When they put out a Slim Jim fried in batter, I will officially be scared.

  2. I have friends at work who are currently quitting smoking and we had a similar conversation. Seriously- who picked up some tobacco and said, “hey lets see what would happen if we burn and inhale this!”. And how many people had to die because they burned the wrong kind of thing before they found a winner? hmm…

  3. Southern cooking:

    Well, we’d just butchered the pig, and we were sitting around thinking, “We need t’cook this here thang. And figger out what t’do wif all this pig fat.”


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