a touch of the absurd

First tomato of the season!

nom nom nom

Last night’s dinner was more lasagna (the non-screwed up batch) and another bottle glass of wine.

Is that a husband-sized portion or what??

It seems like it’s so much easier for the man to stay fit than it is me. But he also works out really hard and his job keeps him active. I, on the other hand, gain weight when anyone so much as talks about food and I ride a desk for 50 hours a week. But, I appreciate food more…Yeah, let’s go with that.

For lunch today I threw together some nonfat Greek yogurt, granola, raw almond butter, bananas, strawberries and some of grandma Lois’ famous strawberry preserves, which have enough sugar to send you damn near into a coma.

I’m telling you, if diabetes had a color, it would be the bright, arterial red of grandma’s preserves.

Utter bliss.

I had a really good session of icing/massaging my foot this morning and so far today it hasn’t hurt. I’m really anxious to try running again. My stupid doctor didn’t tell me how long I should wait — I just have to “try again when it feels right.” But I won’t know if it’s too soon until it’s too late. Gah…

If it weren’t for yoga, I think I might have ended my life by now.

And wine.


4 thoughts on “a touch of the absurd

  1. I feel the same way! My man eats like a maniac and tries to gain weight and cant. I’m also stuck riding a desk all week like you. I just hope I don’t end up with a big butt that I like to refer to as “office ass”.

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