okay, who brought the dog?

Morning crackpots!

I started my day the black and green way:

TJs coffee and smoothie with backyard and spinach. Pretty hard core, eh?

I ran outside this morning to cut some spinach and just had to snap a few pictures because it was all foggy and epic looking out there:

If only those were swans and not disgusting geese!

The garden is doing fantastic right now. Our baby bell peppers are starting to grow, the tomatoes are exploding and even the basil is coming back after our bunny friend annihilated it last week.


We also have a mama duck friend who is currently sitting on some eggs behing our peonies. I was absolutely fascinated by her. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen in Albuquerque, people.

Last night we had no food left in the kitchen and I didn’t want to go to the grocery store right before leaving town for the weekend so we had the perfect excuse to go out and booze.

I inhaled a burrito and this adorable little mini taco salad in one of those greasy shells that you just know is eleventy jillion calories by itself. Loaded it up with guac and hot sauce. Blew my mind.

As Tully says in Ghostbusters, “so they’re okay!”

We’re hauling ass outta here around 3 today so, you know, miss me. Have a great weekend –

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