I am getting good at this

It takes a really talented writer to bust out a blog post about absolutely nothing, which is what I feel like I’ve been doing lately. And rather well, at that.

Since I’ve had to take a break from running due to an unfortunate foot issue that naturally stemmed from over-running (irony, you are a sick bastard), the theme of this blog has pretty much gone down the pooper. But I’m happy to report that over the weekend I was able to engage in both activities that are the namesake of this fine little internet establishment: running and drinking.

Between all the boozing I managed to walk for an hour and even run for TEN WHOLE MINUTES on the world’s oldest treadmill in our hotel. I have no idea how far I went because the machine was all messed up and said I was running at 8.5 mph pace — while I was walking. My foot hurt pretty much the whole time but I found running at an incline allowed me to strike the surface at a different angle, which helped for some reason. It’s a little hurty today, but not any more than yesterday so we’ll call it a success.

Here’s some of the highlights. These are only the very worst of the 300 photos I took this weekend and to top it off, I accidentally resized a couple of them to way too small which is deeply disappointing, seeing as how they are some of my best camera work EVER. Move over, Annie Leibovitz, here comes CTT.

My friend Jayme and I went to this adorable little winery for lunch before the wedding. We split a bottle of their dry red and shared a roll of crackers and some cheese and summer sausage. It was DIIIIVINE.

The wedding was at a museum and it was gorgeous. It was also the shortest service I’ve ever been to in my life. It was seriously over in less than 10 minutes — my kind of wedding. Here’s some of the debauchery that went on. You will see that photo quality is inversely proportionate to alcohol intake. Fascinating, eh?

This was my wedding BFF, Christina. We found we had a lot in common, namely vodka.

We got our first delivery from the co-op Friday and luckily our fantastic neighbors were nice enough to get the box for us so everything didn’t rot on the porch. We got some corn, red potatoes, giant shrooms, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, cucumber, romaine, spinach, onion, grapefruit. I roasted the potatoes for dinner Sunday night and boiled some corn. It was fab.

I need to get caught up on reading all your little bloggies, my friends. Hope they are more interesting than mine.



4 thoughts on “I am getting good at this

  1. Hahaha… according to the pics alone, it looked like the reception was a great time. Vodka and I are tight… so it’s disappointing when i go to a recpetion back home and the only choices are Natural Light and Whiskey. You think I’m kidding…

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