do you do it in socks?

I made another delicious smoothie tonight to prepare for Jillian — my latest masterpiece is a chocolate-coffee-banana. I had some frozen leftover smoothie from yesterday, so today I just threw it back in the blender with some coffee, soymilk and another banana and, voila! It was spectacular.

After Jillian, I did something really interesting — ran without socks.

I know, I know…but it actually felt fantastic. I really liked the sensation of feeling all naked in there underneath my shoes. I felt somehow more in tune with my feet. Weirdy?

Day 3 of breaking in the new orthotics: I RAN 1.25 miles. My intent was just to walk, which was why I didn’t bother putting on socks in the first place (did the same thing at lunch today) but when I got going, I just felt so good I decided to see how far I could go. Before I knew it I was rounding the corner next to my house and debating on whether or not to keep going.

I did some reading up online about running sockless and found triathletes do it to speed up transitions, and lots of people are taking the minimalist approach these days, running sockless and/or running in lightweight road flats. And this dude says he’s been running marathons without socks for 20 years. So, what the hell, I says! Let’s give’r a go.

I’m thinking since I’m essentially learning how to run all over again, it might be the perfect time to learn how to run without socks. Just think of all the money I could save…

Any of you ever run without socks? Aside from the whole “feeling in tune” thing, what are some of the other perks?

Next milestone? Running without shoes. =)

Off to watch the Hawks beat the Flyers and finish this off:

Have a good one, kids.

13 thoughts on “do you do it in socks?

  1. My college roommate and her then-boyfriend ran without socks well into the late Minnesota autumn. I always thought it was ludicrous, and smelly. I have raced in racing flats without socks, but never longer than a 5k.

    • yeah, the ick factor is considerable. I definitely don’t wanna pay 40 jillion bucks for custom orthotics just to stink up my feet every time I run.

  2. I’ll have to try the smoothie. For me if there was not friction of foot against shoe then there was no need of wearing a sock. Using Spenco’s without any arch for several runs helps as I just take out the Spenco and put in another set. Keeps the odors down.

  3. Boooooo go Flyers! Sigh, I went to bed when it went into OT, I knew there was no hope. I get such bad blisters, I think my feet would die if I ran without socks.

    • that’s what I thought too but I’ve read that often blisters happen as a result of your socks getting too wet — and since I’m a major big-time sweat hog, it made sense for me. But the true test will be longer distances!

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