old lady feet and my nut butter smoothie

I was exhausted when I got home from work and I literally laid down on the floor and fell asleep for about 15 minutes. I needed a serious pick-me-up (and we’re all out of cocaine) so I made this:

Nut-butter-almond milk-coffee-banana. Even all you green smoothie haters out there should appreciate this bad boy.

For some reason, my orthotics felt weirder yesterday than they did the day before. Heavy and really lop-sided. It kind of crushed the false confidence I had to go running. Luckily it started pouring so I didn’t have to feel guilty. I just did a short run/walk around my neighborhood (1.25ish) and resorted to Jillian.

Here’s a question for all you orthotic-wearing fools out there:
When you start wearing custom orthotics instead of the inserts that come with your shoes, does it still matter whether you wear a stability vs. a neutral shoe?

Is the insert what earns it the “stability” or “neutral” designation? Because if it doesn’t matter anymore, I am choosing shoes strictly on color now. I have a feeling it’s not that simple, but it’d be so nice to just walk into a store and pick out the shoes that look cool instead of the ones they tell me fit my feet. (For instance, my shoes are pink right now, a color I abhor.)

Anyway, your feedback (along with your complaints, curses, idle threats and ridicule) is always appreciated.

Movin’ on…

I forgot to bring my foot massage rolling stick thingy home from work yesterday so I had to use a spare can of Amy’s Butternut Squash soup.

I bought the soup on a whim a few months ago — it seemed kind of wretched on it’s own but I thought maybe I’d get creative and add something to it and turn it into a masterpiece. Alas, the soup muses are apparently steering clear of me because I haven’t come up with anything yet.


Okay, last thing…

In my Jerry Seinfeld voice: “So what’s the deal with grapefruit?”

It tastes good in my mouth, but then it leaves behind this gnarly aftertaste that makes me want to die.

Any creative ways to prepare grapefruit to avoid that sick aftertaste (aside from squeezing it into a glass of vodka)? I’m thinking of throwing one of those puppies on the grill just to see what happens…

Bye now.


11 thoughts on “old lady feet and my nut butter smoothie

  1. Hey Marie! My friend Emily were’s them and she still buys stability shoes. She has to go a little larger than normal for a good fit.

  2. I have heard that it doesn’t really matter. I used to wear stability shoes; now I wear Spenco inserts with neutral shoes. But, you know. I could be full of it. I once broiled an eggplant with brown sugar and it was good, but not worth the cleanup. On the other hand, I’ve never noticed a weird aftertaste.

    • oooh, I did that with an acorn squash once — right on both counts. I think the flavor was just overwhelming the first time — today’s grapefruit was much better!

  3. Yuck I hate grapefruit so I can’t help you there. I also don’t wear inserts so I can’t help there either. Basically this comment was pointless. Sorry, haha.

  4. Some people who typically need the support of a stability shoe can get away with a neutral shoe + orthotics/insoles. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping on in the same shoes you’ve been in if you don’t have any issues, but if you wanted to try a neutral shoe it might work for you. That’s my “professional” opinion, now that I’m a “professional” running shoe seller. Ha.

    I also love grapefruit but eat it rarely because I end up with sticky hands, face, hair….I guess I eat like a toddler when it comes to grapefruit!

  5. I hope your foot feels better ASAP. I never thought of using a can to “massage” the feet. I am going to try that tonight, because my feet are STILL killing me from being in heels all day for a wedding. Perks of getting older? Hah! I’ve been enjoying your website.
    Someone I once knew would spritz some lemon on grapefruit. I don’t know if I’d recommend that, as I’ve never tried it! y

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