relaced my shoes, drank some beer. the end.

Beware – this just might be the most boring blog post ever written (the time I blogged my grocery list notwithstanding).

I took my pedometer on my lunch walk yesterday and two laps ended up being about 1.75 miles — more than I thought, which was nice considering I canceled it all out later with pizza and beer.

Then, that hussy over at eat, drink, run inspired me to buy an overpriced iced latte from the Devil. It just barely got me through the afternoon.

And since I was already spending money, I also decided to buy some overpriced running shorts from the other Devil, lululemon. Not bad for a lunch hour.

I’ve been drooling over these shorts for a while now, and then a few days ago Kelly over at My Healthy Passion was talking about them too and that was the last straw. They better fit or I’m doing murder on someone.

I stumbled across a great running shoe guide at Sierra Trading Post that had a lacing tutorial. I relaced my shoes using the wide-forefoot lacing technique. Not sure what kind of impact it’ll have but I’ll be sure to give you a full report.

Or not.


Someday, I might actually be able to run again.

Midafternoonish, I ate half a grapefruit and I’m pleased to report there was no sucky aftertaste this time. Although I do now have a couple new ideas for preparing them, so thanks bloggy friends.

After work yesterday I was having “issues” and didn’t feel like working out so I coerced Miss Katiepants to go suck back pizza and IPAs with me at ye olde Broad Ripple Brew Pub. She complied, because that is the type of caring and compassionate friend she is.

We ate a pizza with broccoli, tomatoes and artichoke hearts which I inhaled too quickly to photograph. But I know you know what pizza looks like.

This weekend I am going to be single, as the hubby is headed up to Chicago for a Cubs game and Father’s Day activities. I was invited, but he’s staying through Monday and I can’t miss work. I’m actually looking forward to it — is that bad? I’m going to run by myself, hang out at a friend’s pool, and not do any kind of work or chores whatsoever. I may not even shower.

Wrigley will go on as though nothing as changed.


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