oh hello sunday

Um. Where did Saturday go?

Ah yes, I slept half of it away. And then I went and slept half of Sunday away too…

When the husband’s away, the wifey will…sleep, apparently.

But just look.

I did finally venture out of the house Saturday evening for some wine/jamming out at Mallow Run.

We saw a friend’s band (<—seriously click that, she is awesome) play, tasted a bunch of wines and then wrapped it up just as this was making its way toward us:


Then today, I started my morning afternoon with my old friend iced coffee, also known as the poor man’s answer to Starbucks’ iced skinny vanilla latte. Or poor womans.

Fueled with extra strong coffee, I was inspired to go on a rampage and clean the entire house before spending a few hours at the pool with my buddy.

This is not my buddy. I just saw him on the way there. But I like to think if we knew each other we’d be friends. Just look at how clever he is — venting his t-shirt in the pit area like that to keep cool on a hot summer day. I like the way you roll, biker dude…

This evening, I had some co-op romaine I still needed to unload and I had one of those epiphany moments in the kitchen where the clouds part all Simpsons-esque, a light shines down from the heavens and then, drawn by four white horses, are the words “dude, lettuce wraps.”

Has that happened to you? When you see the sign, you don’t question.

It was really easy — I just cooked some tempeh and TJ’s broccoli slaw in toasted sesame oil, garlic pepper sauce, soy sauce, lime juice and a bunch of cilantro and basil from the garden and it was spectacular. It exceeded all impromptu Sunday night concoctions past.

Even better, I dare say, than PF Chang’s lettuce wraps. And a hell of a lot better for you.

Oh, and first person to spot the funny in that lettuce wrap photo, gets a pat on the back.

And now, here I am keeping it real with my ice pack and a cold one.

The man really knew what he was doing when he bought that chair. He might have to fight me for it when he gets home tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “oh hello sunday

    • there was no running involved but I did read your blog today and it made me think, wow, she’s a badass, there’s no way I could have done that last night. or any other night for that matter.

  1. I enjoy lettuce wraps, but best eat them alone By the end of the wrap, I’m sucking filling off my fingers and using my shirt (with pit ventilation holes) as a napkin. All worth it. Maybe not on a first date, though.

  2. Shoot, you caught me. And I was keeping my new bike a secret.

    I’ll have the house to myself this coming weekend – and my professional association had the nerve to call a meeting on Saturday morning. So I’ve gotta get my ass out of the house before 9 on one of the two days I could completely sleep the fuck in. Grr.

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