oh hello monday

Afternoon crackies,

I stopped by TJs and bought some staples today, namely edamame and wine.

Also picked up some chicken salad I hadn’t seen before and it was amazing. I know, I know, it’s just chicken and mayo. But it’s so much more.

And yeah, so those lettuce wraps I made last night? Did I mention how good they were? They were so good I’m making them again tonight for the man. He’s gonna love me. Yeah baby.

I wore my orthotics all day today to see if I could pull it off and they feel great. Feets don’t hurt at all! (Right when I typed that I got this twinge of pain as if my right heel was saying to me, “don’t push your luck, woman!”)

Ideally, I would like to work out today but guess what’s going to happen when I get home: the man will be there and we will need to make up for three days worth of no smoochie no huggy no kissy and I won’t get a thing done.

Oh, and what with all the winery-biker dude-lettuce wrap action that was going on yesterday I forgot to share this beautiful picture of Upland’s new Imperial that is for some reason called Double Dragonfly.

I’ve had the regular dragonfly a couple times and it’s not bad; a good session beer (session beer = you can drink 16 of them) but I really like much stronger, hoppier beers. So when I saw the Double Dragonfly I jumped right up on it.

It’s great! Some reviews said it was too light and bland for an imperial but I didn’t get that at all. It’s a nice rich, coppery red color and it was very floral and citrusy but with a pleasant grassy undertone. And at 9.1% ABV/80+ IBU, it finished nice and boozy and hoppy. I thought it was quite enjoyable.

And look how pretty!

RAIN ALL WEEK. I’m thinking this should be a good opportunity to test out my whole running-without-socks theory.



6 thoughts on “oh hello monday

  1. Double Dragonfly sounds pretty good!

    Attention, if you read this blog and work for Crown Liquors or 21stAmendment Liquors, get your act together. I am trying to buy the writer of this blog a gift card to settle a bet gone wrong. Actually, you already blew it, so you missed the chance where she always tells us how awesome the place is where she got it!

    • Bahaha! LOSERS! Whenever my bank tries to screw me around I just tell them, “I will take my 14 bucks elsewhere so help me god!”

      The DD was good — mind you, it’s not the Dreadnaught. But good.

    • Calluses are nature’s shoes! I knew a kid in college who never wore shoes — the bottom of his feet were like gorilla pads. I say in my completely unqualified opinion if it doesn’t hurt, go for it!

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